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A Review On: Philips Accessories SHL5605BK/28 CitiScape Downtown Headphones (Black)

Philips Accessories SHL5605BK/28 CitiScape Downtown Headphones (Black)

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Pros: Design; comfort; mids

Cons: Slight lack of bass; ears are getting hot

Pretty surprised by these cans - never though about Philips as of serious player. I wasn't lucky enough to hear something remarkable in the [previous] ranges of this manufacturer.


But these guys are absolutely stunning, gorgeously looking well-balanced on-ear-phones.


Being an active Senn PX-100 (Ist gen) user I got pretty used to their bass, which is considered by the majority of people as "overboosted", - surely, I noticed a lack of those in Citiscape Downtown. But the rest of the band.. very very nice mids with crystal clear highs. If you play a bit with EQ on your phone (as i dont think these ears are designed for something different than these devices..) you may find out that boosting bass will not harm overall "sound picture". It might be reasoned by overall slight indifference to EQ settings, but anyway...


Please note, 32 Ohms can be a die hard for some mobile devices - these headphones will definitely not be able to wake your neighbors up (should mention excellent isolation here, though).

Xperia P is able to sound clearly and understandable only on top two levels. But that's on the streets. At home or in the office you'll not notice the lack of volume.


I should also notice that despite "Downtowns" are the most comfortable thing that had touched my head (ever!) - they are quite "warm". I bet you'll not buy it in California, though for Siberians it will be a damn good choice.


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