The active noise cancelling version works not a whit, that said they sound decent in passive mode

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Pros: Engaging mids, decent clean bass, non-aggressive highs

Cons: Active noise cancelling simply did not work in the 2 pairs i have tried (1 original, 1 replacement)

Bought the active noise cancelling version of these as a daily deal on Amazon for <$20.


Active noise cancelling completely broken on both my original unit and the replacement - so on one hand the quality was horrific.


That said, I really enjoy their overall sound - slightly warm, bass present but not overwhelming, polite treble.


Shallow fit IEMs not designed for good isolation. Not that comfortable to start with, but growing on me over time.

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I have it as well, and for me the ANC is useless.  I can hear it turn on, but unlike some good ANC I've tried where you almost start to feel deaf, this was unnoticable.  In this respect I'm not sure the ANC on yours was broken, it most likely was just ineffectual.  It certainly has a fun sound however.