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Phiaton MS 400 Premium Headphones Reviews


All the bases covered... but at a price


Pros: Great build quality, good comfort and isolation for a portable set, smooth sound

Cons: Off-neutral sound may not be to everyone's liking

Phiaton MS400: Finding that perfect combination of comfort, portability, isolation, and sound quaility has never been easy, especially in the $150-250 price range. Phiaton, an upmarket audio branch of Korean electronics firm Cresyn, attempts to find the perfect balance with the strikingly pretty MS400.Build Quality: The build of the MS400 impresses right out of the box. Unlike the brutish Sennheiser HD25-1 and AKG K181DJ, the MS400 feels precision-built without being too delicate. The inner structure, including the rotating hinges, is metal. The cups feature carbon fiber panels under a clear polycarbonate shell. The headband is generously padded in luxurious red pleather all the way...
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Phiaton MS 400 - great looks, great sound


Pros: eye catching design, gorgeous midrage, super soft earpads, portable (case included),

Cons: shallow earpads, warms up quickly, pricey for what you get

Phiaton MS 400 (Moderna Series)   from http://www.phiaton.com/ Moderna Series headphones are engineered with a carbon fiber enclosure for accurate response and high quality audio. Hear the finer music details for the ultimate listening experience at home, in the office or on your travels. Flexible ‘fold and go’ headphones fit conveniently into a compact carrying case for travel. Studio grade 40 mm Electrodynamic Drivers Impedance: 32 Ohm Sensitivity: 98 dB Max input power: 1,000 mW Weight: 6.5 oz / 185 g without cord           Construction and Appearance My initial impression upon taking them out of...
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Buy with your ears, not your eyes


Pros: Look great

Cons: small cans, claustrophbic sound, muddy and unclear.

About me: Newbie audiophile at best, I've been rocking a set of Senn HD280s in silver for probably 7 years. I have never had an issue with build quality or sound quality, and have loved them since I got them. At the time, they were a good bang for the buck, and I still think that they sound great (at least my pair does!). I run sound from a MacBook Pro, and iPod Touch (gen1), and iPad (gen1) or my LG P999 through any number of players.   About the headphones: I was looking for something over the ear and closed that had good sound but were a bit more street stylish to wear out and about if I didn't feel like having my Klipsch Image x10s stuck down my ears. I did some reading on...
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Surprisingly fun and still very natural sounding


Pros: Very nice small and portable, I honestly think its the perfect size, and the osund is nice and warm. Plus, it's fun sounding and at the same natural.

Cons: Slightly harsh treble at time, might just be my ears. Sometimes it doesn't fit around my ear normally and I have to play around with it.

Alrighty..... so I already own a pair of M50's, and as you may already know they are obnoxiously large and, well just obnoxious. I started looking for a pair of more portable headphones to replace my m50's on the go, and I was looking for a fun bassy sounding headphone. Well I got exactly that. The bass could be a little better at the extremely low bass, and it doesn't sound that airy. Also, it feels just right in your hands, it might feel fragile at times but it is actually very well built. Another thing, is that they aren't quite circumaural, they're more like supraural at one half and circumaural on the other. Still, it is insanely comfortable thanks to the faux pads, that are just...
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Still familiarizing with the MS400


Pros: Super stylish, very comfortable, decent isolation, good sound quality

Cons: bassy (ymmv)

Couple things, I am an amateur audiophile at best and this is my first review so bear with me. My listening rig was my Sansa Fuze v2 Rockboxed [unamped] (I have a PA2v2 on the way so maybe I will edit this later on). Most of my files are all V0/320 MP3 and FLAC and include a lot of live recordings.   I bought these from Amazon Warehouse Deals in "like new" condition for $165. I am convinced these were never on a pair of ears before reaching me - or someone tried em out for 20 minutes and decided it wasn't for them. Seems like I lucked out on this one.   ***PLEASE NOTE: The MS400 are right on the fence for being supra-aural or circumaural - for me they are circumaural...
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Phiaton MS 400 Premium Headphones JP Review


Pros: Nice Highs, Good Clarity, Beautiful Design, Durable/Flexible, Nice Isolation, Not much leaking

Cons: Lows could better, Needs strong feed, Weak Hinges

  Appearance:   I am often very focused on the aesthetics of my headphones. I believe the attraction is very similar to a women; its the initial feeling and as such I fell in love with these headphones at first sight. Though some might say the carbon fiber look is a little too much, I'd argue they complement and set it aside from other headphones. I believe they have a certain finesse that many other headphones lack, but as with every relationship you start noticing faults. The hinges have brutally ugly stamps of Left and Right that seem eerily "Left and Right", and as with all things made of plastic the thing is very prone to break. The plastic's quality is rather nice and the...
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Phiation Ms 400


Pros: Stunning is the looks department, Excellent sound quality at all levels.

Cons: Not quite over ear, but not quite on ear which sometimes can be uncomfortable

Good for people with wide range of music tastes. They can pump out some base when needed and reach those high notes with excellent quality, which results in a good balance. Can also play very loudly not saying thats a pro or a con just a fact. They also turn some heads with the red leather and carbon fiber mix.

quality product from phiaton


Pros: strong low end, fun sounding, comfortable, excellent design, good build quality

Cons: double sided cable (though not a big deal)

I will make this review as short as possible. It should be referred as a guide to those who are unsure. When phiaton ms400 was first released, i had hesitations in purchasing their top of the line moderna series headphone. After purchasing it, i was amazed by how strong and clean the low end was. The mids were buttery smooth. Highs were a bit laid back. After 100 hours of burn in, the sound has improved noticeably and highs came out smooth. I think it is safe to say this product from phiaton is really worth its price tag. Comfy ear pads, ferrari-like design, carbon fiber housing, and most importantly very good sounding. Not only is the low end strong but it can vibrate on your ears...
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