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A Review On: Phiaton Bridge MS 500 M-Series Headphones with Microphone

Phiaton Bridge MS 500 M-Series Headphones with Microphone

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Pros: Detail, tonal balance, fun, accurate, comfort, portability, efficient, build, style, accessories, genuine leather

Cons: None that I can see

The Bridge is a headphone that combines the epitome of elegant design, comfort of kings, and an exquisite sound that you can get by just plugging into a smartphone. It is a pure audiophile headphone. 


Accessories - Soft leather pouch, 6.3mm adapter, two cables (one with single button remote and mic). 

The cables are covered with fabric, and are pretty thick. They're both teriminated with a 90 degree 3.5 jack.


Packaging - The Bridge comes in the largest box that I've ever seen for a headphone package. It's got Phiaton's trademark color scheme- black and red, however there is white to the box as well. 

Build/Design - What can I say.. So many things.. I think the Bridge is the best-looking headphone that I've ever seen, hands down. There are a select few that I also love in terms of design, but the Bridge really is at a level that I might call perfection. 


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The cup shape, the adjusting frame, the headband.. I can't get enough. I just can't. 


The adjusting frame is made entirely out of a smooth metal. Its design brings forth an elegant yet simple stature unprecedented by any other headphone that I know of. 


The jacks on both sides of the headphone on the adjusting frame allow for asymmetrical use. The jacks are 2.5mm, so most cables won't fit the headphone. Thankfully, Phiaton has provided two cables. 


The headband is made of genuine perforated leather. It's soft, stylish, and pleasant all at once. Subtle red accents give it a modern look. To me, it kind of makes the headphones have a "sports car" like appearance. 


The pads are made of plush leather. Plush is right. These are the most comfortable pads I've felt, both on my hands and on my ears. 


The cups are originally shaped. An upside-down smoothened triangle can give a general idea, but not do it justice. The cups are made out of a pretty sturdy plastic.


Comfort - I can wear these headphones for about 3-4 hours (intense gaming sessions!) before getting any discomfort around the lower portion of my ears. The headband feels nonexistent on my head. 


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Sound - In addition to an amazing design is an amazing sound. With electronic, the immense amount of detail and immersive sound turns synths into living instruments that I find myself addicted to. 


Bass - The bass is slightly accentuated, but I only really notice it with kick drums. They've got a great amount of impact without showing any signs of a booming nature. Bass notes are extremely detailed and clean. Netsky's "Rise and Shine" is a great example to show this headphone's bass response. Extended, controlled, detailed. It's got it all. 


Mids - The mids aren't exactly what I would call forward, but I don't think I would go as far as to call them recessed. They sound just about where they should in anything I throw at it. The lower end of the midrange is actually fairly cold, which I feel accents the treble, bass, and rest of the midrange extremely well. It gives a better sense of immersion, clarity, and control. 


Highs - The treble is a bit bright. This may deter some people, but it may attract others. For me, it's a huge plus. I love brighter treble, and these have the best treble that I've heard. It really shines in electronic music. It's so lively and energetic. It's simply amazing to my ears. Extension is excellent to boot, and there's no sibilance either. 


Soundstage - "Incredible" is all that comes to mind. It's spacious all around. Depth and width. Everything is presented with stunning special realism. This makes these headphones very good for gaming purposes. I've found this to be true. 


Overall - The Phiaton Bridge is a headphone that you won't want to miss. If you like bass, it's for you. If you like flat, it's for you. How can that be? The bass appears as much as the song wants, and when it does, it's got impact. Style, sound, build, comfort. It's got it all. 


Dear christ those things are hideous.
Nice review, seems pretty promising. You've got to compare this with the martins and the re700s. The ath-re700s are also stylish, and sound pretty different than what you described this headphone. What you call cold mids, I say warm mids on these headphones. The treble is bright on mine, but controlled brightness as it doesn't even hurt listening to. I'd say it's close to bright, but pretty balanced treble. I hope I get to try this headphone one day, it looks pretty good, and I like that it is genuine leather on the headphone.
Good review overall.
P.S. I LOVE black+red combination.
@vlenbo thanks! I massively prefer these over the Martin Logans, but they're both good in their own right. The genuine leather is definitely a big plus for me as well
Awesome, just outstanding! Enjoy those awesome headphones, pretty stylish and possibly a good tool to captivate women. *wink wink*
I agree with your review. I own the ms500 and ml mikros 90 as well and I love them both for different reasons. When paired with my Centrance HiFi M8 DAC/AMP they are simply stunning!