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Perfect Sound d901b

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Pros: Sound, easy to drive, portable

Cons: Cable, design see below.

Okay, my friend saw these at the newport show just recently and was lent a model. The company Perfect sound originated in taiwan and the term "dido" stands for spider in taiwanese. The director is a nice taiwanese man that works with the company to build headphone drivers for other companies such as akg, senns, dr dre etc etc.


Design - The d901b is a closed headphone with a metallic finish that looks astonishing, the cups look like it could belong in a display room OR some kid with a silver spoons' room. The headband is pretty high quality and seems quite stable. The right and left side of the headphones I feel as if they could've done better on the movement of the head size adjustment, but not much to complain here. A small complaint that I have is the cable. The cable was one of the reasons why my first impression / look was "another monster headphone?" (I haven't dissected the cable and or don't plan on doing so). The cups do have a nice feel to them but if your ears are immensely large like mine, you may have to do some adjustments to get the perfect fit.


Pricing - This is for sale @ moon-audio for 780, quite a decently marked price point.


Sound - I'm sure you're all waiting for this. How does it sound? Well let me give you headphone similarities first. First headphone it comes similar too is an ad2k. The sound is VERY energetic so for dubstep lovers this is definitely the headphone for you the sound isn't bright nor is it dark and on some tracks it could be either or. Bass, very amazing bass one of the most impactful energetic bass I've ever had, actually the bass is somewhat quite similar to the tg334s. Also, I listen to a lot of kpop/jpop/jrock so this headphone seems to have been built around that (it's what I feel at least). The one thing I really love about this headphone is the treble, such sparkly treble I feel as if there could be a giant clash in the high frequencies and destroy my ear but it just stays so impactful, detailed and doesn't go haywire. Most of the music I listen to has harsh treble and or has a very peaky voice and even in headphones like the lcd-3 I still feel as if theres quite a bit of sibilance - this headphone? - NONE I was actually very surprised of how there was no sibilance on my "sibilant spot" in the song even when I was expecting it to come waiting for my finger to turn down the volume. Now for the midrange, I just love it's energetic appeal it's always thrusting impact guitar strums and voices right in my face while not covering up the lows nor the highs I just don't see anything wrong with it. The one thing this headphone really excels at is the guitar, this could be due to the metal chassis that adds towards the sound factor giving it a metallic sound which I love and at this very moment still love.


This is just my 2 week or so review, I may update later down the road.


Amps / Dacs driven - DX100 / AK120 / Leckerton UHA6 - OPA 209 - 627 / iPhone 4s / Liquid Glass stock, some other tube that my friend had.. forgot / nuforce HDP. Dynamics are very good with this headphone as well, and is driven pretty easily with a 4s for extreme portability.


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