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When will Sony learn...


Pros: Decent sound quality.

Cons: Everything else! Price, lacking features, etc

This might seem like an attractive portable digital recorder BUT there are better options available. I would urge everyone to carefully consider the alternatives available as there are better recorders at this price point.   The only positives I see about this recorder is the affordable price, the big screen, decent sound quality with external mics and 4GB internal memory. THAT'S IT!   Battery life is fantastic...well...yes and no. It's long lasting if you record on the lower settings. On high resolution settings, you get about 6 hours or less of recording time. However, there are more cons to this recorder that make it a no deal for me, especially if you consider the other...
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basic recorder for an amateur


Pros: long battery lasting

Cons: poor recoard quality

own it, Very Good on the Battery, decent playback quality,   but not so good on record unless if u r doing recording job in a small room.     I would say go get this if u looking for a music player with the basic record function.