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A Review On: Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Step Monitor

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Step Monitor

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Pros: Soundstage, bass, signature, comfort

Cons: Price(depending on where you find it), too forgiving

great bass. especially the mid bass is superb and delicately punchy... no bleed to my ears 


very clear for a bass heavy headphone


they sound warm and overall very easy on the ears...supremely forgiving....great clarity ..

beats my xb 500 in almost everyway.  bass is very well layered and faster than sennheiser hd 428 and xb 500. also shows equal layer and extension in bass to xb500, at the same do not sound bloated like the latter


treble is enough not to complain about..  I dint have my usual treble checking tracks but i can still vouch for this....(eq might help here)


mids sound warm but i dont find any particular bleed...

satisfying soundstage with good height and nice width... again better than the xb 500s..


the mrp of this is 4k inr( around 75 dollars) and thats not really a steal...but price depends where you find it 


if you can get it at 40 dollars a pair, these hold the best value i can think of but 75 dollars is still high ...


to me it sounds much more realistic and convincing in portraying depth and layer in comparison to similarly priced sets like the hd 438 by sennheiser. Provided, they are super comfortable I would pick these up against similarly priced cans like the ones mentioned.


isolation is subpar to average - as good as the xb 500 if you ask me.. but not as good as the ultra-budget friendly hd 202 by sennheiser. 


overall the signature is warm and the bass compliments the mids but bounce about high and big when called for.. treble is good but resolution and detail can as well be considered a contribution of the size of the soundstage and overall clarity which gives the sense of perceived detail(imho)




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