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A fun little can with A LOT of Bass

A Review On: Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Step Monitor

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Step Monitor

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Pros: Strong bass, lightweight, cheap

Cons: Material feels cheap, overpowering bass


Initial impressions:

I haven't had much time with them yet (maybe 20 minutes) but right off the bat I was impressed with their sound. I've been letting them burn in for the past 6 hours and will continue to do so overnight, but then I'll try to do some comparisons between my other cans.


A couple things I did notice were that the bass was not as overwhelming as I anticipated, and it is more of an open design than a closed one. The bass is definitely present and there is plenty enough for dubstep of electro; I think I just read so much much about these that I expected it rumble my whole head. The bass is strong and will play bass heavy electronic music quite well. Also, while these headphones appear to be closed, there are several vents on the outside which make it more of a semi-open/open design. These have a lot of sound leakage, and aren't too great at isolating, but I think this design is what provides the wider soundstage. These phones sound much more airy and refined than other near this price point.


Second opinion:


They are pretty good. They are definitely worth their cheap price tag. I let them burn-in for about 30 hours with pink noise and haven't heard too much of a difference. They are definitely bassy, a bit boomy for my taste, but then again my current cans are very balanced and a bit weak on bass. Mids seem a bit masked by the bass at times. Not necessarily recessed, but maybe just a bit of bass bleeding into the midrange. I haven't played any games with the so I still can't help on that end. 


My only current worry is that they feel somewhat cheaply made due to all of the plastic. I feel like I need to be gentle so I don't accidentally damage them. The comfort is also decent because they are so light, but if you end up liking these, I would recommend trying the velour pads if you can get some.


Overall they are definitely quite nice and I'd recommend them if you like bass. They don't compare to my other pairs in terms of clarity, balance, or detail, but the price tag doesn't suggest that they should nor are they advertised as doing so.




I did the paper towel mod where you place a paper towel under the ear pad to create more space between your ears and the drivers. I did notice a slight increase in soundstage. Bass may also be slightly stronger now. Overall not a huge change, but I'd recommend it as it was very easy and can easily be undone.


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