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Very nice pair

A Review On: Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Step Monitor

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Step Monitor

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Pros: Great price-to-sound quality, bass, comfort, afforability

Cons: Slightly flimsy design, poor sound isolation

Sound Quality: I don't go into much detail here, besides mentioning the obvious. First, they're very warm sounding headphones, with a good bass abundance. Perhaps not as mind boggling as some headphones from the Sony XB line, but can have a lot of power. The bass is one of the biggest aspects of the sound signature, the mids are also nice and warm, not receded, the highs are good and avoid being shrill. The soundstage is pretty wide for the design of these headphones, and while I have headphones that sound better for music, these are my headphones of choice for gaming and movies. Sound isolation is not one of the highlights of these headphones, since they have a semi-open design and can also leak sound to the outside. I have no tested to what extent, but blasting music in public with these headphones may not work out well.


Design: Only quality $30 headphones have good design. Many headphones of this price don't take full advantage of their price, but these headphones do well here. My only complaint is the ear cups falling down when not supported. This doesn't help me much, since I like to hang up my headphones and this can get in my way. Other than that, they are still built well and have a sturdy design. Not very portable, however.


Comfort: I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort of these headphones. The artificial leather pads are surprisingly plush and comfy. I am not used to "plush" headphones, and these are easily more comfortable than my Sennheiser HD 25-II's for long-term usage and more soft and padded than my Shure 750DJ, making them currently my most comfortable headphone! Comfort is not a worry with these headphones, though they may not be quite as soft or comfy as some of the Sony XB line headphone pads.


Overall, I was very impressed with the performance, comfort, and design of these headphones, with only minor gripes that come with owning more expensive headphones and trying to compare them with these. biggrin.gif Still, they managed to best my other two in the Comfort department.



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