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Newb's review: Panasonic RP-HT360

A Review On: Panasonic RP-HT360 Monitor Headphones

Panasonic RP-HT360 Monitor Headphones

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Pros: earpad size, clarity/intensity, sturdinesoverall size, cord length, 1/8 to 1/4 adapter..s,

Cons: ear fit, headband, cord length.

Hey guys, first review here from an inexperienced audio-phile in the making. So here it is.

I got these guys about 2.5 years ago now, originally getting them because I needed a set for listening to my bass practice without disturbing an entire dorm building. That factor seems to drive a lot of the features here, including the separate adapter for 1/8 to 1/4, for amps. The cord length, which I think is dang-near 10 feet, is great for using while practicing, because I can keep it away from my playing space.

I've been very happy with these guys, as these are definitely the highest quality headphones I've ever used. For me, the sound quality is great, good intensity without distorting what I'm listening to. It catches really powerful sounds as well as very subtle ones. The fit is great, since the earpads are large are large and fit entirely around the ear without even touching, really. I love that. They are also rather large, as a whole, meaning they fit my gigantic head, which nothing else ever has properly. I also love how tough these guys are. I've dropped them a thousand times, and no problems with then so far.

Now, my only real issues are these: one, that ear fit I said about earlier, the headband, and the cord length. Two of those are great features, that just have some unfortunate drawbacks. The earpads are comfortable as anything, but they make a seal that gets very warm after a while, and the ear sweats a lot. The cord is a bit tough to deal with at times, when I just want to get it out of my way, because there's just sooo much of it. My only total issue with these guys is the headband. It has no padding whatsoever, which can get rather uncomfortable after a while. I ended up attaching some foam and cloth to mine, and gluing it with cloth apoxy, which solved just about everything.

All around, from the newb's perspective, these guys are amazing. I also recently grabbed an Antlion modmic, and made these a full-on gaming headset, and I'm so satisfied. Honestly, for the $30 I paid for these, I think it'd be tough to find something better. Anyone who has other suggestions, please let me know.


Try out a HTF600. A nice upgrade to these for the same cost too.
hows bass on theam sound
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