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Could be an outstanding value

A Review On: Panasonic RP-HJE900

Panasonic RP-HJE900

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Pros: good dynamic range, durable, replaceable cables

Cons: tough fit, hard to find, slightly recessed midrange

These were just the second set of IEMs I bought, the first being Etymotic's 4S about 10 years ago. This was my first purchase intended for portable use (with a Clip +). At first, I was blown away by the low end, not in comparison to a real headphone set up, but to my 4S plugged into a laptop watching Netflix. Hey, I'm just being real. My Etys were, at first, a curiosity, nice for the occasional foray into 80s new wave, then essential to avoid pissing off the wife while I watched deeply disturbing Korean films. So I'm not use to hearing bass and was blown away with the impact of the RP-HJE900. I've since pulled back my enthusiasm. I can, however, unequivocally say these do not suck b*lls. And depending on your musical tastes, source recording quality, and personal proclivities, you may find these one of the all-time great steals. These phones are frequently accused of being sibilant. Depending on the listener and source, they can be. People have different ideas of what sibilance is. I did find the highs harsh on certain recordings but constrained with EQ and a little foam,  and more importantly, proper fit. These earphones will always have a place in my collection, if nothing else because they make for the perfect backup. They do a lot right and little irreparable wrong. I think a lot of us owe dfkt a six pack for bringing these to our attention. Thanks for being reddish and not always grumpy. 




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Heheh. Glad you like them.
Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphones › In-Ear › Universal Fit › Panasonic RP-HJE900  › Reviews › KlausGut's Review