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Panasonic RP-HJE900 Reviews


One of the best values in headphones


Pros: Sound for price, build quality and durability, detachable cables, sound is very detailed and accurate while being very "fun"

Cons: Sound may be too bombastic or extreme for some. Minor issue with nozzle filters falling off(which can be a plus)

These headphones are very unique, both in construction and sound. They are built of Cubic Zirconium, making them extremely durable, and have detachable cables. A jogger literally ran over mine, on concrete, and they aren't even scratched. The finish changes color from a gunmetal grayish color, to a bluegreenish hue in bright light. The cables, though having a slight memory character, are very thick and sturdy feeling, although they can add a bit of uncomfortable weight to already hefty earphones. Nevertheless, I've never had an issue wearing these cord up or down so long as I have a proper fit. They are shallow insertion, and comfortable enough to sleep with. Most earbuds/IEMs tend to die...
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the dreamy iem hje900


Pros: everything about the sound and build

Cons: sibilant

hey everyone! i have this long review in my views regarding the pannys. i got the earphones today...in me. and they are just as amazing as my ue700! but in a different way. they are colored for me. there's a lot of echo...air moving...and vibrating inside...something heavy... not the bass...but the overall music. the heavy thing is going to smash into your ears just like that!!! BAM! pushing air and sound into your ears. for me, its bad. its like messing with some of the instrument's sound...but its not that very bad...but i really dont like it...i mean that heavy thing. its always there no matter what track i played. there is an echo. something...
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Undisputed Value. Get one.


Pros: Tank like build, Detachable cables, Fun & detailed sound signature, Good soundstaging, Decent clarity, Extremely well priced- almost a steal.

Cons: Abysmal fit with bundled tips, Zirconium shells can be heavy, Mesh earwax filters fall out, Springy cable, Slighlty recessed mids, Sparse availability

Build Quality    The shells made of cubic zirconia is easily the most distinct aspect of the HJE900. It is almost indestructible and according to the literature, can only be scratched by diamond. The shells feel rock solid, has a cool blingy finish, looks and makes you feel good about your buy. The detachable cables with the non-proprietary connectors are a big bonus too. The solid build quality doesn't stop with the shells. The cable cinch has a brushed aluminum covering and the 3.5 mm jack socket is of the same material too. Ditto for the strain reliefs. Very classy.   The cable is a mixed bag. I'm nitpicking here- the cable is well made, but after being...
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Fantastic Durability


Pros: Indestructable

Cons: Little too much bass & treble, expensive now

I really like these IEMs.  The casing is almost indestructible, they have detachable cables, and the sound is great and very clear for dynamic drivers.   The casing is made from Zirconium.  They're advertised as being related to diamond, which isn't true and a little too much marketing speak, they are indeed very very hard.     The sound is a little bit V-shaped with too much emphasis on the bass & treble.  It can be fixed through the use of an equalizer, but it'd be nice if it were more neutral out of the box.  But the clarity is fantastic, the bass extension great, the treble very lively.    The cable is very high quality. ...
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Could be an outstanding value


Pros: good dynamic range, durable, replaceable cables

Cons: tough fit, hard to find, slightly recessed midrange

These were just the second set of IEMs I bought, the first being Etymotic's 4S about 10 years ago. This was my first purchase intended for portable use (with a Clip +). At first, I was blown away by the low end, not in comparison to a real headphone set up, but to my 4S plugged into a laptop watching Netflix. Hey, I'm just being real. My Etys were, at first, a curiosity, nice for the occasional foray into 80s new wave, then essential to avoid pissing off the wife while I watched deeply disturbing Korean films. So I'm not use to hearing bass and was blown away with the impact of the RP-HJE900. I've since pulled back my enthusiasm. I can, however, unequivocally say these do not suck...
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Lovely IEM!!

I don't find them sibilant. Compared to my Phonak's Audeo Perfect fit they sound stronger and more bassy, audeo got more separation and soundstage is wider. Still i prefer smaller soundstage :)

My Review


Pros: Everything

Cons: Nothing

These are perfect! I don't think the treble is too harsh, and I can't stand grados. Love it!   (Hopefully they don't break, they're discont. in the USoA.     MacKat

Very nice


Pros: Build quality, great sound for price

Cons: Highs harsh even after foam mod, design prevents deep insertion, some will find "mismatched levels"

Ironically, I found the stock tips to be the perfect match for my bizarrely shaped ears
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