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Panasonic RP-HJE120-K In-Ear Earbud Ergo-Fit Headphone (Black) Reviews


Above average performance and incredible fit.


Pros: Really good bass, mids are nice, amazing fit and comfort, super light, CHEAP

Cons: Terrible highs, synthetic sound, flimsy cable, sensitivity kinda low.

This is gonna be a simple review BASS For a $7 in ear it is actually really good. A little overbearing at times but quite articulate considering the price.  MIDS They are not airy and vocals by no means sound lifelike but they are clear and not muddied by the elevated bass. HIGHS This is where this in ear does not shine. It is extremely recessed around the 10kHz to 14kHz range so cymbals are quiet as hell. It has a very metallic sound to it as well but it is cheap so it is expected. SOUNDSTAGING  The staging on this is pretty bad so don't expect a room like delivery of sound COMFORT Really good actually. It is super light and the "ergo-fit" actually works. Easy to wear for...
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Panasonic RP-HJE120-K - asymptotically close to IEM audio bliss (but doesn't quite get there). Great @ $9.45 off Amazon


Pros: Nice & flat sounding, comfy, responds well to EQ, good build quality, no cable noise. Very budget ($9.45 USD)

Cons: none

They just work. Nice, clear & flat-sounding (nothing in audio spectrum particularly stands out -  a good thing, if you want to approach "analytical", which these things most assuredly are not).  Listening to 320 kbps ambient tracks on internet-radio.com right now.  Very immersive, good sound stage / separation.   Very Comfy fit, using large silicone tips. No cable noise. Decent build quality.   Excellent bargain at Amazon.com - $9.45 USD.  What's not to like?   These things garner 4.4 out of 5 stars among 38,316 reviews on Amazon.com, which has to count for something, I would think. I agree; I'm giving these 4.5 stars.

Better than anything else for $6


Pros: Solid mids, decent noise isolation, bass is mostly flat and EQs to be harsher without issue

Cons: Stupid cable, earbud tips prone to break, highs are wimpy, separation is near-nonexistent

They sound better than anything I've heard at this price point. I use these earbuds with my iPod Nano every day. The one thing that makes these things annoying as crap is the stupid cable that gets tangled and stays tangled.    They isolate noise OK. My ears aren't the best shape for them so if I wiggle my ears sound suddenly leaks through. I replaced the rubber eartips with the ones from JVC Marshmallows - in my opinion the most comfy tips for buds. They make the driver a bit more distant from your ear but this is solved by raising the volume.   Separation is poor which is to be expected. Nothing like my HD518s and I don't expect them to be.   Honestly, for 6...
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Designated Beaters


Pros: Price, Decent Bass, Comfort

Cons: Treble/Detail, Isolation

Originally purchased as temporary replacements. I've had the same pair for something like 5 years now-  they've gone on to see a lot of gym and work use, and are so comfortable and secure that I've often used instead of inears with much better SQ. Don't get a lot of rotation lately, but the 120s live on as the backups I keep in my bag. The sound isn't quite good, but surprisingly decent given the price (boomy bass, ok mids and treble missing some detail, narrow and slightly soupy/muffled sound common to the budget cohort but not distractingly so). Isolation is ok for mild city noise, until a truck drives by. Construction isn't remarkable but the shells and plug seem solid, and earns...
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Incredible value


Pros: Very cheap, great bass, good isolation

Cons: Highs aren't great, cheap cable

After losing a piece from my Vsonic VC-02's I decided to get something really cheap for now. These cost $7.18 on Amazon. Bass response is better than anything I've heard in this class. It's actually almost overwhelming at the low end; this is the first time I can remember EQ'ing bass down for an IEM, especially a cheap one. Isolation is surprisingly good. Highs are a little lacking, and maybe the soundstage isn't perfect. Again, these cost $7.18 so you have nothing to lose.
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