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A Review On: Panasonic RP-DJS400-W DJ Street Model Headphones (White)

Panasonic RP-DJS400-W DJ Street Model Headphones (White)

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Pros: really good sounding bass, portable, acceptable mids

Cons: not much treble, only comfortable for 1hr

My dad bought these for me in duty free in Korea, and he got and absolute rip off because he didn't have time to shop around or look on amazon. But i'm guessing the average price is about $60 NZD, so i'll rate the value based on that.


The treble on these headphones are quite lacking on these headphones but i guess that's what you get on $60 headphones, however if you boost the treble it can be acceptable because it's still very detailed.


The mids too are acceptable but lacking. I was disappointed because guitars don't seem to sound as thick on these headphones.


The bass is absolutely AMAZING on these cans. It's sure not lacking and it's extremely thick and detailed, but it doesn't get overpowering and annoying.


Definitely worth buying since these are so cheap.


These are only comfortable for about 1 hr, but i only use them for that long anyway so this doesn't worry me.


Overall i'd give these an easy 8/10. they sound great on stuff like nirvana and the red hot chillies, but they are lacking with thickness for stuff like the smashing pumpkins. They sound quite good for hip hop too but i don't listen to that much of it. Drums sound great on these, bass sounds great on these, guitar sounds acceptable and vocals sound acceptable.


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