Overall decent headphones with sad build quality

A Review On: Panasonic RP-DJS400-W DJ Street Model Headphones (White)

Panasonic RP-DJS400-W DJ Street Model Headphones (White)

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Pros: Nice, clean bass - Visible Mids - Detailed Treble

Cons: While Treble is detailed it seems almost "lower pitched" than it actually is, and while the mids are quite precent, it's nothing special.

The first thing I want to say right out of the box is that I paid 78$ for these headphones on CANADIAN Amazon, so if you're in Canada, expect to get these headphones for double the price.


So let me go over this review in a modular way, it just seems to flow much easier for me.


For whether these headphones need an amp or not, I can definetely say NO. An amp is NOT required at all! These phones drive very easily and cleanly, and while they could benefit from an amp (I feel like they're holding a bit of their potential back), they definetely can be driven quite well without any amp whatsoever.


As for comfort, the pads of the headphones are... Okay. It's nothing uncomfortable and the angle at which the headband forces the cans to your ears are adjustable to about 90 degrees. Which is nice. So they're reasonably comfortable, but the material of the pads itself are acceptable. Nothing amazing, but nothing bad. And the force the headband puts on your head after long periods of wearing them are DEFINETELY apparent. After two or three hours of continous wear, your ears will almost feel "pressured and pressed in", and it's uncomofortable, espiecally if you wear glasses.


The bass of the headphones are quite clear and concise. I feel an amp would let the bass run to it's full potential, but without one, it's quite good. It's not muddy and it is quite accurate. Notice how I said quite; while the bass is enjoyable and not overpowered or underpowered, I feel there could've been a bit more tweaking; now, it could've just been my EQ, but seeing as my EQ is always flat, I'm pretty sure it's the headphones. Overall on the bass, it is quite good for the price range, but it wont compete with bass above the price range... Which is expected of course.


The mids are very present, and you can hear them quite well, but only if you pick out the bass and treble to listen to just the mids. The mids are quite acceptable for the 40$ price range, but not the 80$ price range in Canada. Dont get me wrong, the mid's are good and crisp, but a lot of the mids almost feel "blended together" sometimes and you lose track of the mids eb-and-flow.


The treble is another highlight of the headphones. While detailed and ornamented (to an extent. It's quite good treble for the price range), the treble is almost always brought down to a warmer register, and a bit of a lower pitch. It's nothing "song-breaking", but it's apparent that the treble is not exactly as the mixing master had mixed it to be. Though for the price range, it's very adequate.


The styling of the headphones are quite nice, sporting many vibrant colours and sleek designs all around, it almost looks "futuristic" to be honest. Unfortunately, while wearing them, the space above your ears seems to be very seperate from the rest of the headband, causing a very noticeable gap just above your ears, which can look a little goofy sometimes if you dont have thicker hair.


The sound signature of these headphones are quite soft; not the softest I've heard, but it is nice and pleasant to the ear, and it'll leave a lasting impression on you of almost a "gentle lion". The headphones make you feel immersed, yet it's not harsh at all and even music that is supposed to be disjunct sounds a little more conjunct; but in a good way.


The sound stage is quite good for the price range. Sometimes I have a hard time picking out instruments that are playing in a much lower register than other instruments, but make no mistake, ALL the instruments are there, and they're ALL audible, they just are sometimes hard to pinpoint.


One thing I have to point out is that when they are resting on your neck, the swivel of the cans to the headband is very sensitive. They'll easily flop about into any position and can sometimes hurt if you run with them on or are just plain uncomfortable.


The chord of these phones are quite nice actually. It didnt advertise a  "no-tangle" chord like the iBudss advertise (yet those things tangle like it's their sole purpose), yet I rarely found myself having to untangle 14 knots.


Though one BIG problem I MUST address if you plan to buy these headphones is the build quality! While I would mostly NEVER expect to be blowing the drivers or scratching or breaking the plastic that surrounds the cans, the headband as a whole is VERY brittle. I've had these headphones for about 2-3 months. I've had to return them twice already to amazon for replacements BOTH because of a snapped headband, and I was by no means at all abusing them, or putting any big amount of pressure on them.


If you plan to take these headphones outside with you and you are reasonably active, then either get a warranty, or leave them inside. The headband is very VERY brittle when extended at all. If these headphones are just for home use, then they're great for that, I doubt you'll find a situation where you'd actually be able to break the headband easily, and like said before, the drivers are very durable.


A side note I must make is that these are bad for modifying. They dont have any screws or latches to get into the driver's compartment without having to pry it open and glue it back shut. I dont reccomend modifying these cans.


Overall, they're quite decent cans with a soft sound signature for a very fair price. Though unfortunately, running with them can actually hurt as the hard plastic hits your collar bone irritably hard, and wearing them for long periods of time can cause discomfort to your ears, and most importantly, the headband is VERY brittle.


I hope my review was useful :) If you hand any questions or comments feel free to ask!


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