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A Review On: OSTRY KC06 High Fidelity Stereo Inner-Ear Earphones

OSTRY KC06 High Fidelity Stereo Inner-Ear Earphones

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Pros: tonaly balanced, good details, comfort, low profile

Cons: cables are rather sucky, isolation

Alrighty I just got the Ostry's this morning. Out of the box they sounded a bit weird... which disappointed me :(

With a big sigh, I put it in my ears for a bit longer hoping that it would eventually get better.

Aaand conveniently it did


It's like a car in a cold morning when you just turned it on and you gotta wait a bit before driving it.


Build quality:

Very solid 

whoever said the build quality on the KC06 is cheap........ well they were wrong.. you don't know what cheap build quality feels like, VSD1 felt much cheaper than this.

This is not the most rugged IEM i've ever had but this is VERY solid.


The cable is somewhat annoying but it's not the worst. The top half (from Y splitter) tend to keep the bends from the way they were packaged, like the klipsch reference s4i.

Flat cables like the ones on FAD Heaven series or cloth cables like the ones on monoprice/RE-400 are worse, but this cable is not as good as the ones from ATH IM series. 

It also lack a cable cinch making it overall not the worst nor the best but it doesn't bother me

Score (4/5)




3 sizes of 2 different types of tips, (dome shaped [largest diameter at the base] and the egg-ish shaped [largest diameter close to the middle])

shirt clip

small carry pouch

ear guides

score (3.5/5)



When it comes to comfort the ostry's win by miles. I'm not saying the IM70 is uncomfortable, but the KC06 is just far better.

You just put it in with the cables down and it just sits right there very comfortably. The IM70 requires a bit of fiddling around and adjustment of the memory wire before it fits right.


When worn cable up, it is less comfortable because of the ear-guides, but even when worn cable down there’s hardly any microphonics so cable up is a bit unnecessary.


The actual IEM is very comfortable but the cable can be a bit annoying especially since it’s lacking the cinch, this takes off 1 point off a perfect score.

Score (4/5)



The KC06 is really bad in this department. In fact it's so bad that it doesn't feel far off from wearing an earbud. I wore this on the bus on the way to uni and I could hear the bus engine very clearly, it was very distracting. I could hear a phone ringing from the lady in front of me and I could hear her conversation. When I got off and walked, I could hear the cars passing by. 

I would give the isolation a

score of  2/5 



It is only present if you actually tap the cables, otherwise you won't really hear it. The lack of cable cinch also has an effect here

Score (4/5)




Sound :

For about $60 this is truly a giant killer, this is far more enjoyable than something like the RE-400. 

In comparison with the ATH-IM70, I still think the ostry's are a little inferior in terms of sound quality alone (by a little i mean really little). 

The IM-70 is able to pack more punch and reach lower in the bass and has better soundstage.

In my opinion the two have a similar sound signature, but the ostry's are about 85% or even 90% of the IM70's quality.


The bass reaches fairly low, without being bloated or bleeding into the mid range.

It packs more punch than the RE-400 but less than the IM70.

The bass might not be enough to satisfy for bassheads but by no means are this IEM bass shy!

I can only imagine the KC06A being closer to IM70 with how some people describing it with having more bass and better sound stage.


The mid range is very clear and very smooth. It produces quality mids that can be on-par with some $200 IEMs out there. Vocals are rather sweet and lush, not as dry as RE-400


The highs have a bit of sparkle to them without being sibilant but I found them having a bit of grain to it.

They are quite prominent compared to something like the RE-400 but not as smooth as UE700 (with foam) or as piercing as UE700 with silicone tips



The overall sound signature is very balanced! The weakest point of the IEM is probably the soundstage but that is a very minor gripe.

Just because it's the weakest point doesn't mean it's weak at all, by the way.


For $60 I would totally recommend this, if isolation is not an issue. To me this is like a more engaging, more fun and cheaper than RE-400.

This should for sure be the first recommendation for a sub $100 IEM, hands down

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Thanks...I think you expressed my impressions exactly! These stop me from wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on other iems and just have fun at these prices...