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OSTRY KC06 High Fidelity Stereo Inner-Ear Earphones Reviews


Outstanding Ostry!


Pros: Comfortable, Well Constructed, Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy to Drive, Fairly Balanced Sound, Bass Can Be Modified

Cons: Stiff Cable, Average Isolation

   Intro This is an IEM that caught Head-fi by storm. Featuring a single 10mm high-bandwidth dynamic, using two patented technologies, Ostry made quite the statement. A company that was otherwise unknown before, actually had quite the experience in creating drivers [over 20 years!], likely for other companies as an OEM. They finally decided to release their own products and while I don't necessarily know the patents involved, I have read that the driver in these carry principles from a moving-iron transducer. This IEM leads the way at it's 60-65$ price, sounding better than anything below it's price range, while competing with stuff that's more than twice it's price. In...
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Price/Performance King!


Pros: Great Details, Drivability, Design and Fit.

Cons: Isolation, Chin Slider

Introduction I bought this little gem online last year and been using it since. It only came with a pouch, 2 sets of tips and earphones themselves. KC06 features a single Dynamic Driver and a "Vibrating membrane technology"   Sources used: LG V10, iFi Micro iDSD. Genres: Rock&Metal, Jazz&Blues, Electronic&Dance   Build Quality and Comfort Build Quality is quite nice for a 50$ IEM. Feels very solid in hand and cable is quite durable. (After nearly 1 year of abuse, it is really!) KC06's design is simple yet beautiful. It is surely not a usual design and they may seem uncomfortable at first sight but they really are not. They're really comfy and I can even...
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KC06 and KC06A review and comparison - giant killers all the way!!!


Pros: detailed sound quality, great design and build quality, accessories

Cons: stiff cable

This is a review and comparison of Ostry KC06 and KC06A in-ear headphones.  http://www.ostry.com.cn/item/detailPage?itemid=28 and http://www.ostry.com.cn/item/detailPage?itemid=29   I get a chance to review and to compare a lot of different headphones some of which represent an amazing value with an OK sound while others have a great sound with a price tag that makes you question their value.  Once I got a chance to listen to Ostry's latest KC06 and KC06A headphones, I knew right away these represent a rare combination of both amazing sound and value!!!  As a matter of fact, these headphones got quickly escalated to the top of my all time favorites.  Let me tell...
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Ostry KC06 – Forward Mid-Range, Good SQ for Value (but not for me).


Pros: Very good build, easy and comfortable fit, sturdy cable, clear vocals

Cons: No chin slider, female vocals can be strident

INTRODUCTION Because I’ve been involved with some review samples with my Australian brethren in the last couple of years, I’ve had the chance to hear some IEMs I’ve been curious about in the last year or so, but haven’t been able to (or inclined to) purchase for myself.   One of these has been the Ostry KC06 – and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my Ozzie mate Vic for the loaner over the last 4 weeks.  I’ve enjoyed the opportunity immensely.   For this review – I have abridged it (compared to my normal reviews) for a couple of reasons: To cut down on postage costs, the KC06 arrived just as an IEM, with the soft cover pouch, and no tips – so I can’t...
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A Pretty Good Nice Budget Iem


Pros: Balanced but mid oriented with a good bass (for armaure lovers, not bassheads), comfortable, a very wide stage, ultra rich and well designed box

Cons: Plastics under the drivers, cable (looks weird), L and R markings are prone to get erased.

The box is perfect I must say. Many tips and that designed by ... print and all that patented tech. And don't forget the lovely wide soundstage though not 3d.    

Quite the giant killer


Pros: tonaly balanced, good details, comfort, low profile

Cons: cables are rather sucky, isolation

Alrighty I just got the Ostry's this morning. Out of the box they sounded a bit weird... which disappointed me :( With a big sigh, I put it in my ears for a bit longer hoping that it would eventually get better. Aaand conveniently it did   It's like a car in a cold morning when you just turned it on and you gotta wait a bit before driving it.   Build quality: Very solid  whoever said the build quality on the KC06 is cheap........ well they were wrong.. you don't know what cheap build quality feels like, VSD1 felt much cheaper than this. This is not the most rugged IEM i've ever had but this is VERY solid.   The cable is somewhat annoying but it's not the...
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