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Ortofon e-Q7 Ear Canal Headphone Reviews


Beautifully Crafted


Pros: Excellent, slightly forward, yet not sibilant treble, Musical, yet highly detailed midrange, Outstanding build quality

Cons: Drivers a bit heavy and slips down your ears (impossible to wear over ear)

Prior to purchasing these, my primary concern is to have a proper alternative for my ESW9 which have  better isolation to be used for listening to my ballad tunes on the road. While I don't have any issues with louder tracks, with more subtle ones, my ESW9 aren't up to the task, and so my search began. Actually, I'm not really keen on the idea of using an IEM since they irritate my ears quite easily, but given the situation that finding a perfect sound as my ESW9 is quite difficult, I had no other options. I've research enough and eventually stumbled on these e-Q7s. With all the glaring reviews I've read on this forum and on other sites, I decided to get them, which proved to be...
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Ortofon e-Q7, the e-Q5's big brother


Pros: Beautiful airy presentation with great timbre

Cons: Microphonic cables. Available only in Japan (excl grey market)

  This review will have a lot of references to the e-Q5 which will be explained later.   As with the e-Q5, the e-Q7 is also an easy-to-drive low impedance single balanced armature designed by Ortofon. In fact it's the same balanced armature as the e-Q5. The main difference between the e-Q5 and the e-Q7 is the pure silver plated cables as opposed to e-Q5's OFC cables.   The e-Q5 review can be found here :-   http://www.head-fi.org/products/ortofon-e-q5/reviews/6953   Again, like the e-Q5, the presentation and the packaging of the e-Q7 is impressive. It comes in a box, and a carry case in addition to the extra flanges, filters and tip...
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Pros: effortless, very musical, like the song is floating in your ears

Cons: too much classy box, it could have been just simple

  ORTOFON EQ7. THE REVIEW: Build Quality: (you be the judge) thick cloth covered cables. hard plastic for the jack and y-splitter. thin rubber cable from splitter to phone. machined aluminum housing. classy and expensive looking black box with very nice to touch foam covers inside. black leather case for the eartips and iem filters. some japanese instruction manual. SONIC CHARACTERISTIC: This iem is popular by having the TUBEY characteristic, with excellent definition in vocals. I have decided to take some word from the AUDIO TERM GLOSSARY, under SOUND SCIENCE SECTION, to describe the sound of the ortofon...
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Excellent IEM I had till now


Pros: Good overall music and sound quality

Cons: Microfonic and little high in price but still worth

I loved the way it represents the vocal voice from classic to rock and cool treble and tight bass, since it's my first IEM, I simply love it over all and looking to buy more other IEM's to compare it with others in future, but till now it's simply awesome for my ears :)



Pros: Sound quality

Cons: Fit & confort

Great sound - much better than my previous owned Sennheiser IE6. In fact when I listened the Ortofon I had to immediately compare with my Grado RS1i, connected to the Lehmann audio USB (amplifier and DAC). Before comparing it seemed that the quality of sound (connected to an iPod) was competitive with an high end system.   Only minus is that is difficult to adjust them to the ear. For me they are a bit too big.

Bright and tight


Pros: High sensitivity, build and sound quality, balance

Cons: Microfonics, not cheap

Just bought the Ortofon e-Q7 in-ear phones after quite a bit of research on the net. Have used Sennheiser 565 Ovation for many years, which are open full size headphones, but now I wanted closed ones and no nagging on top of the head ... I usually listen to music via my high end stereo set, but I now need ear phones for meditations and on the road use.   Just out of the box I am quite disapointed with the bass level. After an hour with loud rock music they deliver a tight and transparent bass.   If you are looking for in-ears with a heavy, pronounced bass - these are not for you. If you on the other hand are looking for a balanced sound with a good overall transparency, voice rendition,...
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Can't Go Wrong


Pros: mids, everything else

Cons: no cord cinch

The e-Q7 is the best IEM I've heard to date; so far, it hasn't even been close. They are clear, detailed, and accurate, while retaining a "fun" sound. They have no hiss, and pack plenty of punch whenever it is called for. The  e-Q7's coloration quite possibly gives it the best balance between warmth and accuracy out of any headphone or IEM I have ever heard.

Review written by Shigzeo "Ortofon e-Q7 - a touch of class"

I suppose my title's caption, 'a touch of class' foretell my conclusion of the e-Q7. It is without a doubt, one of the most impressive earphones on the market. I don't really care what's under the bonnet here, but I'm sure it was a labour of love. One thing's for sure, it doesn't sound 100% like your traditional balanced armature and it certainly isn't as powerful as a dynamic driver.   For full review and pictures, go to my review of the ortofon e-Q7.    Since headfi isn't as much into construction quality or ergonomics as it is in sound, here's the grit:   The e-Q7 has the following wonderful things going for it: solid bass, smooth mids, and organically decaying highs....
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