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From Full Sized to IEM's

A Review On: Ortofon e-Q5

Ortofon e-Q5

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*note:wrote this on my notepad 2 weeks prior to the given purchase date*


I finished burning it more than 100+ hours now with white/pink noise and then some music. I used the noise app on my iPhone to produce the white/pink (if you want to know the app , it's called simplynoise. it generates white/pink/brown noises as you please) when I was about to sleep then used music when I was on the go.


Well on to the IEM's,,,


First impression on the package is it's a little too small (see pictures below). It comes with a red tin can that has the Ortofon text on it and spare ear tips (1 small silicone , 1 med silicone , 1 large all silicone) which are pretty identical to MEElectronic's R1's eartips. and 1 comply foam tips. They also come with a set to change filters.




On to the sound ,


Out of the box you can easily differentiate them with other iem's as they have superb detail.(they actually remind me of my HD-555 in terms of clarity ... but BETTER and AIRIER) At first , i wasn't that overall impressed with the bass , I thought it was lacking a little punch and thump to it and they were pretty much muddy. Well ... at least that's when it was out of the box. After I finished burning it in , the bass extensions are superb and deep. They have the right thump to it and not that overpowered. And one thing i noticed is that the bass differs from song to song. If a song needs emphasis on the bass, it has emphasis on the bass , but if it doesn't, it shys down , you won't hear uneccessary bass emphasis on any song (especially in classical wherein you want balance). On to the treble , here is one if its best points but they'll bleed and sound rolled off at first and get into your ears pretty quick. And again at least ...before burn in. But you can quickly identify the quality of the treble once they're burned in , they're pretty warm and elegant at the same time but can become cold if needed by the song. On to the soundstage , they sound stage is pretty much like a little less than my HD-555 (i guess the hd 555s has the advantage as they're full cans) but one thing's for sure , the instrument separation is one of the best i've heard (if not,better than my 555's) There's no "inside the head' feeling to them , you're like on to a middle of the band and can hear about every little bit of detail.


As these are my first "serious" IEM's transition from FULL Sized and some mid class IEMs(RE-0 and Turbines) it was a nice experience. I gotta say that these Ortofon's are the bang for the buck!


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