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A Review On: Original White LG 3.5mm QuadBeat 2 In-Ear Premium Earphone Headset+Mic for LG G2 D801

Original White LG 3.5mm QuadBeat 2 In-Ear Premium Earphone Headset+Mic for LG G2 D801

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Pros: Price!!!, Mids, crisp & clear sound, isolation, design, no hissing

Cons: Flat bass, lacks dynamics & timbre in general.

The sound in general is quite sparkling, open and well balanced for a single driver IEM.

The first thing i notice is that the bass is a little flat and boring. It doesn't have that good punch, warmth or layered experience most high-end IEM's possess. 

Once the music evolves to more complex compositions it's losing it's composure and that's were you notice most these are $30 headphones.


But listening to more mid centered music (singer songwriter stuff etc) is where these LG's shine. It's open,crisp and clear without getting harsh highs. 

It's the area most of these cheaper IEM's get either harsh or veiled, but the LG's are great for this. 


The soundstage is ok, not very wide, but natural sounding, it lacks depth and layers though. It just lacks some involvement in presentation. It's clear, but somehow just out of reach. The sound comes from a few meters away, where good high-end phones create much more intensity where you feel you can touch the music. 


The comfort isn't great for me with the supplied tips. They irritate quite quickly. But you can fix that with comply tips for instance.

The design is pretty good. The way they shape in your ear gives a very good seal. They do stick out slightly, which i don't prefer, but most IEM's have this issue. And they look nice too. The flat cord looks solid enough without losing flexibility.


All in all, the positioning, experience and presentation is pretty darn good considering the price. They are open, but don't get harsh and therefore have a laidback sound without losing it's timings which is easy to listen too.


For me it's the lows that are the weaker part with these QB2's. They have something veiled over them and lack real depth and low frequencies, making them sound a little dull. It just lacks the real timbre and quality of instruments the high-end phones deliver. But then i'm talking about multidriver €400 - 500 headphones, so there's no way you can compare these.


Although in some areas they come quite close to my Shure SE535's, which says something.

Comparing it to my Phonak PFE-232's it really becomes very clear though. That's a no contest. It's nowhere near as good.


For the price a no brainer if you're on a budget. For me it's a nice backup IEM for emergency's :)  


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