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OPPO PM-1 Reviews


Absolutely amazing headphone that set a new standard for what a headphone can do.


Pros: Built extravagantly well, wondrously comfortable, absolutely breathtaking sound, plays just as good from a mobile as it does an amp.

Cons: Soundstage may not be as vast as what one would expect from an "open" headphone.

                                                                                     Firstly I've got to give a massive thank you to  @Jiffy Squid for accepting me into the Loaner Program for @OPPO , for if it wasn't for him it's very unlikely I'd have had the honor and pleasure of listening and reviewing these quite wonderful works of art and also my new standard for audio. Also as mentioned above this was a loaner/review unit so my experience will...
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Unique Sound in a Beautiful Package


Pros: Clean, clear, and warm sound; forward midrange; good bass extension; non-fatiguing treble; outstanding build quality; great overall design

Cons: Slight lack of treble extension; heavier than most dynamic 'phones; a little pricey

Introduction I recently participated in the OPPO PM-1 loaner program -- many thanks to Chris and the folks at OPPO for providing this wonderful opportunity! I was able to demo the PM-1 headphones at home and at work for the past week, and it was a great experience.   I'll forego a long introduction to these headphones -- if you're reading this review, you probably already know that the PM-1 is OPPO's current flagship headphone and represents their unique take on planar magnetic technology in an open-back design. The PM-1 departs from the other planar magnetics on the market in many ways, and I'll do my best to explore those things that make the PM-1 a unique product in this...
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A fantastic first dive into headphonedom by Oppo


Pros: great design, light weight, comfortable, portable

Cons: pricey but with caveats

    I was part of the Canadian leg of the Oppo PM-1 loaner program. For reference, my primary rig is my modded HE-6 (significantly “darker” than stock): regrilled, removed rear and front foams, J$ leather pads with additional front damping, modified “fuzzor”. Amping is from a pair of Nuforce HA-200 monoblocks. My dac is an Echo2usb. Most of the review will be point-form-ish because who wants to read a long blather of purple prose? I also haven't read any other existing reviews or impressions, so I'm coming at it rather blank slate.   My very initial reaction: “wow, I like these and I want one”. After a bit more time, my not-so-initial reaction: “ok the wow has worn off...
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Oppo has created a great successor to the old vintage Yamaha and other orthodynamic (planar) headphones with the PM-1.


Pros: High quality design, light weight with an excellent selection of accessories and a lush sound. Scales well with better equipment. Readily portable.

Cons: "Dark" sound wont be good for everyone nor all types of music.

  It was certainly a big surprise to find out that the company famous for multi-media everything-and-the-kitchen-sink players had come out with a pair of headphones and planar ones at that. With the revival of planar (orthodynamic) headphones we have had had one consistent thing: Weight. Audeze’s and Hifiman’s headphones have been heavy and that hasn’t always been good. One of the endearing things about the old, circular diaphragm planars from Yamaha and others was that they were light and portable and pleasant to listen with. Oppo’s PM-1s, on the other hand, are light and more like a conventional pair of headphones in size. They are beautifully finished and their design is well...
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A solid, all around performer and an excellent foray into the flagship market by OPPO (LCD-X comparison)


Pros: Solid performer with excellent midrange; Beautiful presentation and design; Portable and "public" friendly (ish)

Cons: Rolled off treble; may not please the "Open and Airy" market

Review:   I've had the OPPO PM1 set for a week now and have done listening sessions exclusively with these phones over that time to lay down some impressions.  Yesterday I did some comparative listening against my LCD-X, the only other planar I have right now. (Hey Hifiman, ship the dang HE-560!) . The write up below is a culmination of thoughts over the week and the comparisons I performed.  Standard disclaimers here, my own opinions and bad hearing, etc., etc.   Hardware used was an Audio-gd Master 8 amp fed by a Mytek 192 Stereo DSD DAC, or a Technics SL-1200MK2 TT & pre-amp.  Source materials I listened to over the week are a total mix of stuff (CD,...
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Gathers the mids for you on a silver platter (LCD-3 comparison)


Pros: Ultra-present mids, pleasant aesthetic design, sturdy build

Cons: Crowded soundstage, somewhat high clamp force

While generally I can't afford the $1000+ caliber of headphone, I have been lucky enough to demo the Oppo PM-1 and Audeze LCD-3 for the past week at work. That might not be a fair comparison considering the price difference, but it is what it is.   Equipment: Laptop, Vivid Tech V1   Music: Little Dragon - Ritual Union, Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz, Caribou - Swim, M83 - Saturdays = Youth, LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening, Yelle - Pop-Up   Obvious by my music selection, I'm into pop, rock, electronic, bright vocals, and trades between sections of high dynamics and super-density. This is only accentuated by the forwardness of my DAC/amp (which I'll admit isn't the...
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Oppo Digital's first headphone, PM-1 great value for money planar magnetic that can actually be used as a portable


Pros: Light for a magnetic planar and actually quite portable. Good value for money and a very good first try by Oppo Digital

Cons: A little closed sounding for an open back headphone. Decent sounding but lacks the sparkle

  Introduction   Oppo Digital is a name renown for their Blue-ray & DVD Players but recently branched out to the headphone world by releasing their very first planar magnetic headphones, the PM-1, and matching desktop DAC/Amp, HA-1. With the courtesy of Oppo Digital Japan, I received a demo set of PM-1 and HA-1 for just over two weeks. The PM-1 comes in an impressive wooden storage box and a suite of cable accessories for portable and home use, velour ear pads which offer an alternative signature, and a denim carrying case.     Headphone Ergonomics   Of all magnetic planar headphones I've tried, the PM-1 is the lightest and most comfortable to...
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A reference class headphone that you can take on the go!


Pros: Great imaging, layering, instrument separation, and musicality

Cons: Ear pads can get hot and uncomfortable after a while of having them on

Disclaimer: These headphones were sent to me thanks to the Oppo loaner program. They have since been returned and sent to the next reviewer.     Want a headphone that sounds excellent, is easy to drive, and can be transported easily and taken on the go? Look no further than the PM-1!     Build Quality: Since I am participating in the PM-1 loaner program I should expect the PM-1's to be worn out from dozens of headfiers listening and reviewing them. Upon inspection the unit was obviously worn out; but you know what? It doesn't matter! The fact that unit looks the way it does means it could withstand the test of time and some abuse. A huge plus to Oppo for creating...
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Sam 88

Ultimate headphone


Pros: Build like a tank, sound quality, comfort, price.

Cons: Look a little boring...made all my reference headphones sound harsh. Brand....

All instruments come to live with pm1, crystal clear and smooth at the same time. Pm1 made my Sennheiser hd650 and Grado reference 1 sound harsh and incomplete. I had some time to listen to hd800 and Audeze lcd2 but both failed to pleased my ears. To me the pm1 is a bargain in headphile world. The sound, the build quality and the comfort is second to none in my opinion. If pm1 was produced by a big name headphone company, they could easily get away with doubling the price and still sell it like a hot cake. Equip. Used. Beyerdynamic A1 Graham slee novo with power supply. Cambridge Audio 850C Other equip. B&W 805 diamond, Vincent 238mk, dual Velodyne spl 1000 ultra.

OPPO PM-1: Portable Luxury


Pros: Extremely comfortable, clean and clear midrange, easy to drive

Cons: Small soundstage, not as meaty sounding as listen-at-home planars, expensive

OPPO PM-1 Review Introduction The headphone up for review today is the OPPO PM-1. This headphone has not been as widely available in the United States as many other headphones, so the kind folks at OPPO have afforded me and several others the opportunity to listen to one of their headphones for a week. My thanks to OPPO for trusting me with their flagship offering! Portable Planars To date, my experience with planar magnetic headphones has been shaped by the likes of the Audeze and Hifiman offerings, and also by my personal favorite, the ZMF Omni. These headphones are generally larger and/or heavier and the designs typically do not lend themselves to being used on the go. OPPO...
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