Open Pandora Reviews


An amazing little do-it-all device with an incredible amount of potential


Pros: Great resolution, can power most headphones, compatible with any USB DAC, up to 256 GB of storage, solid construction

Cons: Slightly bulky, computer experience required, questionable appearance, USB DACs can be a little finicky, simplistic construction

What's this? Why is there a PocketPC in the product list of a headphone forum?  Some of you might've heard of the Open Pandora, the mutant child of a PocketPC and a gaming handheld, designed by a small group of people for retro gaming. It also serves as a fully functional Linux-based computer and is completely open, allowing the end user to do anything and everything they want to do with the unit. So why is this on Head-Fi? As it turns out, the person who designed the Pandora's motherboard is an audiophile, and he put in a powerful dedicated audio section. This review is dedicated to reviewing this unit's performance as a DAP.  ////////////////////////--Build...
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