A little review of Onkyo SE300

A Review On: Onkyo Japan SE-300PCIE Wavio PCI Express Sound Card

Onkyo Japan SE-300PCIE Wavio PCI Express Sound Card

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Pros: Transparent & detailed, neutral & natural, very good dynamics and imaging, doesn't sound harsh for my taste, doesn't lack reverberations

Cons: Soundstage can be a little wider, bass a little thin & lack of some weight & body compared to some DACs

Don't get me wrong - it's an amazing soundcard. I've had an Asus Xonar Essence ST w/OPA627AU, but SE300 are simply on another level of this.
so, some facts about SE300:
-) There is no front_panel output (HD_audio)
-) 7.1 output sounds ok, better then Creative Titanium.
-) Headphone_output are really good. Headphone_amp of Essence ST, for example, have much more power, but drives low-impedance headphones worse.
-) SE300 is running a little hot.
-) It's works under Windows XP.


Much appreciated review, and the part on headphone amp is interesting, especially for low impedance headphones users like myself.
I knew I had good reason to have this sound card on my wish-list for when I start upgrading my computer. I have several Onkyo separate components, and am much impressed with them, even if they wouldn't be considered by most here very high-end.
D5000, for ex., sound nice with a headphone_amp of SE300, not as good as some desktop amps - soundstage are smaller and bass a little muddy & slow. However, Essence ST has much more power then Onkyo.