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A Review On: NuForce Icon HDP (High-end Headphone Amp, USB DAC, Preamp)

NuForce Icon HDP (High-end Headphone Amp, USB DAC, Preamp)

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Pros: excellent connectivity, USB, SPDIF, analogue out, headphone out

Cons: not really portable desk

This is an all-around terrific value for what it does very well and transparently.

I'm listening to 200-hour burn Senn HD600s with cardas cable upgrade.


The headphone amp is dead quiet at full gain, super clear, and uncolored.  It delivers transparent, super quick transients and crispy detail without fatigue or pooling in any particular frequency.

The Analogue outs go into my NAD C553BEE for a deep and fully detailed stereo experience through my KEF 103.2s. 

As a Headphone amp it works without any fatigue, noise, coloring, or mud in the guitar samples.

percusion, Cajón, tabla and deep african drums are accurately and clinically deep without any smear and harmonic concomitance.


You can connect it to an MBox 2 via spdif and monitor your session on Protools.

The headphone gain is characteristically clean and unfettered at its limits.  You get more music without anything extra.  Separation, placement and colored trademarks of each instrument are heard and felt with uncanny sharpness and definition.


I will comment after another 100 hours of burn time.

Love the simplicity and starkness of a well-designed device that sounds so good.


Ordering with Nuforce online was smooth and trouble -free. 



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