Norse Audio 4-wire Norn series up-occ LCD-2 headphone cable

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My Harmony Design DA9 DAC is still at the manufacturer's for an upgrade, so I'm not completely ready to go into any details regarding the sound quality of the Norn cable compared to the stock one. It looks great, is very comfortable to use, and sounds really good (the stock cable also sounds really good, I'll get back to you with a more detailed comparison later).


I just wanted to come here and give the owner of Norse Audio, Trevor Goldman, some much deserved credit. His customer support is among the best I've ever experienced from any company.

When my Norn cable first arrived, I realized that my Harmony Design EAR90 amp had a very unusual 4 pin XLR connector (the pins are male, and wired differently from most other amps). Trevor instantly had a custom adapter made and sent it to me free of charge.

It then turned out that the 4 pins on my LCD-2's left (only the left one) mini XLR connector weren't properly bridged, so it didn't work properly with the new cable. Normally, the mini XLR connectors on the LCD-2 are bridged, which is why my Norn cable didn't have its mini XLR connectors bridged as well. Audeze bridge the connectors on the stock cable as well, however, just in case, I guess.

Trevor sent me a brand new cable with bridged mini XLR pins, again free of charge. 


In both these cases, I merely told Trevor of my problem, and he both helped me come up with the solutions as well as declined my offers to pay for any of the new products he sent me, or even for the shipping. Considering that he or his company weren't to blame for any of my problems, that was incredibly generous and helpful of him, and I'm grateful.


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