Norse Audio Norn LCD-2 Cable

A Review On: Norse Audio 4-wire Norn series up-occ LCD-2 headphone cable

Norse Audio 4-wire Norn series up-occ LCD-2 headphone cable

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Pros: absolutely natural, engaging, beautifully made

Cons: not much

Thanks to WNBC for his review, I am in complete agreement with most of the points he makes, however I will put my experience in my own words.  Trevor, who runs Norse is completely professional to deal with, as well as clearly dedicated to creating some of the most natural and transparent and beautifully crafted cables that can be found at any price.  He is generous with his time and willing to tailor his creations in any way possible to your aesthetic preferences.  I cannot possibly forsee an experience as a customer which would surpass commissioning a cable from Norse Audio.


The cable is beautifully crafted, the finish on the wood splitter is excellent, and the cable looks and feels fantastic to use.  Norse Audio has sourced carribean rosewood to match that on the LCD-2, which it definitely does.  This cable looks like it belongs with the headphone.


What you can expect from the sonics is some of the most natural, balanced and transparent sound possible from the LCD-2.  Once you hear this cable, you will start to notice how lifelike and just plain right acoustic instruments sound.  In direct comparison most other cables I have tried start to sound artificial and coloured by comparison.


This cable has an incredible ability to sound both natural and engaging at the same time, while also maintaining a very good headstage.  Other cables may provide a sense of larger soundstage, but this usually is also accompanied by a distancing from the musicians.  With this cable the presence of every musician is palpable and natural, full of nuance and natural tone&timber.  You get a real sense that the sound waves are travelling directly from the musicians and reaching you without passing through any recording equipment, more than with any other cable I have tried.  Much of this can be attributed to the aforementioned First Person perspective this cable provides - you ARE the conductor, you are IN the recording studio.  


This cable is as detailed as any other I have tried, but not in a high definition/etched manner as can often be the case.  The bass is full of texture and dynamism, yet still very balanced, moreso any of the stock cables I have tried.  Bass is tight and impactful and full of definition, yet not vague and overbearing as it can be with the stock cable.  it does not bleed into the mids.  The midramge is palpable and natural, vocal transients are clearly and naturally reproduced, woodwinds, brass and strings all benefit from the natural upper midrange presentation and sound more realistic than ever.  I would not classify this as brightness - it is more a lack of coloration of this frequency which other cables seem to exhibit, save for the Nucleotide wire cable I have been testing.


I highly recommend this cable if the characteristics I described appeal to you.



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