Pretty good, not super though

A Review On: Noontec ZORO High Fashion Steel Reinforced SCCB Sound Technology Headphones - White

Noontec ZORO High Fashion Steel Reinforced SCCB Sound Technology Headphones - White

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Pros: Tight and neutral sounding

Cons: Utter lack of deep bass, zero stage, aggressive treble

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In short:
These headphones do a lot of things right and some things pretty wrong.

- The sound is neutral and tight
- Lacks deep bass and the last bit of clarity with voices and fine instruments
- "Stage" is something you won't find in the repertoire of these phones.
- The drivers are sensitive and should be a good companion for any mobile device.

I think I'll sell these and keep my CALs smily_headphones1.gif


Question, though not serious, how does it sound neutral if it has aggressive highs and a lack of sub-bass?
Well, for the low bass section:
Well, since it's the lowest end of the specture, the overall shape of the spectrum isn't influenced. And in opposite to Tyll's measurements, the lowest bass sections seem to be cut off abruptly, which I consider an anomaly.

For the treble characteristics:
In accordance to the measurements, it doesn't seem that some frequency range is artificially over-emphasized, it's more their character.
To use an analogy: It's like some instruments were put through a dynamic range compressor, altering the relation between the lowest lows and highest peaks, while the peak points remain at a constant level.
hi there i think i may have posted to you but if not how do you find the noise isolation on these headphones, i'm using them during commute on bus/trains and subways. i saw the on
dunno if their legit but is there a site you can vouch for thats cheap? other than amazon? thanks!!
No, I can't. And that is general problem.
Not only are there many copycats around but the danger of buying a fake copy of a headphone, which is already by itself a knockoff product, might be even higher.
thanks! how about the isolation on the headphones? during public transits?
Not for someone who is explicitely looking for good isolation