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Noble Audio Kaiser 10 Reviews


Best CIEM's available


Pros: Very balanced sound, superb workmanship, excellent fit and comfort

Cons: None

  Hi all, I guess I'm a Head Fi posting newbie, though I've been soaking up the reviews and forum posts for a couple of years. I've been in the pro audio business working with recording studios, Artists, Producers and Mixers for the past 20 years here in Los Angeles. I spend a lot of time in control rooms and have listened to some truly amazing sounding monitor systems. But my job involves a lot of travel around the world so I started looking for a great sounding in-ear monitor, with good isolation that could come close to the performance of a decent set of studio monitors. I started with the good old UE Triple Fi 10 with comply tips and wore out a couple of pairs of those, but...
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Ultimate Mango

A League of its Own


Pros: Drop Dead Gorgeous, Sound to match. Highs like no other, deep bass, everything balanced in between.

Cons: Brain burn-in definitely required.

I am not an expert reviewer by any means, but these CIEMs are something special. The look, fit, and finish are truly extraordinary, these are not headphones but are ear-jewelry.    As for sound, these sound like nothing else I have ever heard. Particularly the highs are very, very good. They are bright and sparkly and revealing, well extended but never, ever harsh or sibilant. The bass is amazing, I swear you can feel it in your chest (for example, even watching movies unamped out of an iPad it has movie theater like bass). Mids are incredible as well, vocals are so well incorporated and where recordings are used with oversampling, doubling, or even where there are just...
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We have a new King in our midst.


Pros: Excellent Treble, Mid and Bass. Wide soundstage and good seperation.

Cons: None, Nil, Zilch on sound. More accessories would be nice. Say, amp bands?

The Sovereign King.     Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Noble Audio in anyway. This pair of K10s was NOT provided by Noble and was purchased with my own funds. The following reflects my thoughts on the K10s using my own systems. Your own mileage may vary.     Noble what?   For those not familiar with what Noble is, well, they are a boutique company based in Thailand and China that craft exquisite Custom In-Ear Monitors. The brainchild of The Wizard, the K10s is the flagship model of Noble and represents the pinnacle of portable audio beside the JH Audio Roxanne, Fitear 435 and Unique Melody Mentor. In addition to the K10, Noble offers a whole range of...
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Definitely a "10" for CIEMs


Pros: Incredible lows, lots of detail, actual imaging in a CIEM/IEM, silky smooth, BEAUTIFUL design, QUALITY craftsmanship, close to perfect

Cons: Cost, CIEM's require impressions, can't let friends hear how good they are, resale value (but I would never sell them...)

First of all, full disclosure, I did not pay for these Noble K10's. I traded for work I did for Noble.    Given that, however, I think Brannan and John would want me to post an honest review rather than a biased review just to keep them as a client!   With that out of the way, I have to say, these are the best CIEM/IEMs I have had the opportunity to hear. Am I just saying that for Noble's benefit, no, but you have to decide if you believe me.   Appearance: I received these Wizard design K10 CIEM's in late 2013. They are obviously black carbon fiber faceplates with dark blue shells and a touch of glitter that seems to show up as different colors depending on...
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Incredibly well balanced


Pros: Versatile sound signature, excellent build quality

Cons: $$$

  I received my K10s in mid December. Before that, I owned another pair of CIEMs (the Heir Audio 8.A) which I have since moved on from. The 8.A was John Moulton's original 8 driver design, with a relatively dark, bass-heavy signature.   When purchasing the K10s, I was slightly worried that I may give up some of the sound that I loved so dearly. Man, I just didn't know what I was missing out on. The K10 can do everything that the 8A could do, plus more. The highs are incredibly well-detailed and non-fatiguing, the mids are incredibly natural, and bass doesn't overpower, but is still booming when the current track commands it.   I've seen other reviews...
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Took a gamble on these and it paid off big time.


Pros: Very versatile; genres and file types. Slamming bass, sweet mids and beautiful highs without the "daggers in ear" effect.

Cons: I didn't order a Wizard design.

These are my first CIEMS, and I took quite a blind plunge as I brought these when there were about 2 reviews. I've had them for just over 2 months, and my enthusiasm for them is as high as when I first got them.   The other reviews are more in-depth/useful; I can only really echo what has been written about them.   For me, the most notable things are that the bass slams very hard when needs be. The highs are extremely good, without any hint of piercing, that my old IEMS had. For me, this alone goes a long way to justify the price. I've never really understood soundstage before, so that will have to be covered by other reviews.   The comfort and fit are everything I...
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Sweet mids, Bass when you need it and highs that don't kill your brain cells


Pros: Sound: Awesome , Build: Awsome

Cons: i can't share my bliss with the people around me....

Got my set at the black friday sales and have been listening to em for almost a mth now.   The mids are so smooth and vocal centric tracks thrive here.   The bass comes a thumping when you need it.   The highs are non-fatiguing.   The thing that surprised me the most is really how well they isolate. This is my second set of CIEMS. My first CIEM had poor fit on the right side but this came perfect out of the box.   when the music starts playing, i cant hear s**t from my surroundings and are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time.   the build quality is astounding and they complied with my request to make the red a little...
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The one sound in my life


Pros: The IEM has a gorgeous finishing and fit is so perfect. Sound reverberates in your ear so naturally.

Cons: I only have one pair of it

The Noble Audio Kaiser 10 is the most perfect IEM I have ever heard, period.

End-game portables


Pros: sound quality, fit and comfort, build quality, wizard art

Cons: price, build time, cable

I purchased a second-hand pair on Head-Fi and got them reshelled through the Noble "OWNERSHIP TRANSFER SERVICE (ACRYLIC)." I chose to add Wizard reprint of a beautiful pattern I really liked, and added my own little signature.    As many other reviewers stated, the sound is extremely cohesive. Silky smooth and non-fatiguing, but all the detail is there. Everything sounds so damn good and transparent. And I can listen to it for hours on end. This is my end-game portable, and I enjoy it over my HD800 and LCD-3. Responds excellently to EQing.    The Wizard reprint is beautiful. I really like how it's not a 1:1 reprint but rather a unique re-make of the same overall...
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Worth to get at least one pair.


Pros: Amazing sound quality even with orginal cable. Steep bass.

Cons: 2 pins style (not really cons)

Very detailed quality sound . I am able to find details which missed before. Details with layer and staging. Staging and positioning isn't huge or odd. But I can feel it in my head when listening certain kind of music in a quite environment. Bass can be pushed very hard and steep.    WIth different quality cable and quality AMP, my K10 does give me surprise.   Make sure your ears mod are made with quality or professionally.   Content is King. Same old rule. To enjoy high quality sound, you need high quality source.
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