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My First CIEM

A Review On: Noble Audio Kaiser 10

Noble Audio Kaiser 10

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Pros: Lows, Mids, Highs, and Everything in Between.

Cons: Price

Customer Service:


Let me start by mentioning what great customer service Noble has.  Everyone I talked to was very timely and helpful whenever I had questions or concerns before, during, and after my K10 purchase.  This has easily been one of the best purchase experiences I've ever had.  Noble, keep it up!  


My Experience:


I am not an audiophile.  My earphone experience is as follows:  Klipsch S4 -> Westone W4 -> Noble Kaiser 10.  I have always listened to 320 mbps + files out of my iPhone 5, so I have no experience with high end DAP's or amps, although these CIEM's have me saving for an AK240.  


NOTE: Be careful! It's a slippery slope into the world of high end audio.


Kaiser 10





For a CIEM with 10 drivers, the K10 provides a spacious and cohesive presentation.  Clarity is astounding.  I am still amazed at how well this CIEM accurately reproduces recordings.  Coming directly from the Westone W4, the K10 sound is on the thicker side and may take some getting used to, but once you do, you will never want to go back.




The K10 can hit like a champ, but only if the recording asks for it.  Mid and sub base are spot on.  I couldn't imagine any more, and I wouldn't enjoy (as much) any less.  The base does not audibly bleed into any other frequency range.




The mids are "lush" (I didn't know what this meant until I had a listen).  Everything comes through crystal clear and slightly thick.




The highs on this CIEM are incredible.  They are sparkly, shimmery, and beautiful.  Where other headphones struggle or are sibilant, the K10's reproduce high frequencies with no perceived effort at all.




These CIEM's cost 1600 USD!  I was initially hesitant to buy them, but in the end they are completely worth it.  If you are new to high end audio, as I was, the K10's will introduce you to a whole new way of your enjoying music.  I've had the K10's since February, and my enthusiasm is still as strong as the day they arrived at my door.  


I look forward to seeing how well these gems scale with a high quality source and will update this review accordingly.


they sound exactly like how I would describe my jh16's.  Looking to upgrade from them though.  I wish there was a way I could try before I buy, but there are no demos here in wisconsin.
I so want to try the K10 but any request for a demo pair in Canada (where I believe there are none) get completely shot down with the response of telling me to take a trip (which would cost as much as the earbuds) to the US to try them =/
At least there are audio meets in Canada sometimes!
Here in Paraguay (possibly you don't even know that country hahaha) you need to become a ******* Odinist Level 100 to see and try a ******* Grado, even on the best commercial place of the country. Imagine a Kaiser 10, my god.
I know your pain.  I do live in the US, but have a hard time getting my hands on gear to test due to lack of distribution networks.  I took a leap of faith when purchasing the K10's (due to all the positive reviews here on headfi) , and am glad I did.
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