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Noble Audio Kaiser 10 Reviews


So good, you'll want to cuddle afterwards.


Pros: Perfectly cohesive sound.

Cons: Customization process could be a bit more customer involved.

At long last, I have finally gotten around to writing a review for my Kaiser 10 IEMs. I am sure you all have been slouched with glassy eyes at your keyboard, ear molds in hand, waiting for my comments before choosing your next musical ear plugs. My love for humanity hopes you haven’t. And my apologies in advance for the lengthy read. I wrote this in Starbucks with too much coffee in one hand and too much time in the other!   First of all, you should know that I do not consider myself an audiophile. Heck, I don’t even really know what that means or what paperwork I need to fill out for such certification. That said I have always found myself on the same never-ending quest for sonic...
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"Oh, so good!" - Noble Audio Kaiser 10 CIEM Review


Pros: Amazing sound, compact package, beautiful artistry, complete coherence, solid customer service, true TOTL CIEM performance all around.

Cons: Pricey (but well worth it), can't share CIEM experience with others (clearly not unique to Noble), pretty long wait (again, well worth it).

  If you told me that my review of a pair of headphones would somehow combine golf, science-fiction, sorcery and a supersonic jet I’d say you’re crazy. But then again if you told me I would spend $1,599 on a pair of IEM’s and consider them a bargain I’d also say you were off your rocker (and my wife would agree). But that’s where I find myself, so here we go…let’s jump into the seemingly random (and long) walk that is my review of the Noble K10’s.   But first, let’s go back in the time machine. In the late 90’s I had the honor of attending the Western Open at Cog Hill Country Club outside of Chicago. I was still in a field sales job and got to go see a major golf tournament...
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Noble K10: A Monitor Fit for a "Kaiser"


Pros: Balanced and pleasant tuning, tight fit, great isolation, versatile, fun

Cons: A constant internal debate on whether I'd rather stare at my monitors, or listen to them

Intro: Since it’s release in October 2013, the Noble Kaiser 10 has built up a strong reputation as one of the best in ear monitors money can buy. After all, the monitor is named after the German word for emperor, so it must be competitive in the top of the line as one of the rulers of the market. Many new competitors have popped up since its release, so how has the K10 held up to the test of time? Does it still reign “Kaiser?” NOTE: I am solely referencing the K10 in its custom variety. I have only spent a few minutes with the new aluminum K10u, and while my experience with it was very positive, I did not spend enough time closely examining it to make any credible comments on that...
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Noble Kaiser 10 - In-Ear Perfection


Pros: Detailed sound, smooth sound, great bass, excellent bass and treble extension, build quality, design options

Cons: None (so long as you can find the dough)

Overview   In the world of personal audio, the ultimate sound experience generally comes from custom molded in-ear monitors (CIEMs). In recent times, top of the line (TOTL) CIEMs have gone from 3-6 balanced armatures per side to 10 and even 12 BAs per side. The Kaiser 10 is an example of a 10 driver CIEM and has 10 individual drivers in each ear-piece – a pretty awesome piece of spatial design, but also a challenge of epic proportions when it comes to ensuring that all of those drivers are delivering their frequencies in time with and in support of the other drivers in each ear piece.   One of the largest challenges of any multi-driver setup (including speakers) is to have...
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Full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon


Pros: Realistic, 3D sound

Cons: Size

I bought my Kaisers through Gisele at Aid2Hearing. I wrote a little about the process here.   When I first twisted the K10s into my ears, plugged them into my iPhone and pressed play, the playlist I had ready sounded exactly as I had hoped - a bit dull and lifeless. In my experience the bigger the 'wow' at first listen, the more an earphone is likely to disappoint long term; initial 'thunderous' bass or 'twinkling' treble will often irritate my ears after a time. I have sensitive ears. After a pleasing enough listen with my iPhone, I tried several other players over the following months; you do not drop £1,400 on ear impressions and earphones to listen solely on an iPhone (no...
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The K in K10 stands for "Kicks ass"


Pros: Amazing mids, perfect highs extension, just-right-when-you-need-it bass, Works with any genre, Scales well with any cable and source, Wizard designs

Cons: Not for those seeking crystal-clear clarity, It’s gonna be damn hard to find something to replace it once you have it

Intro:   Its no secret that my favorite CIEM in my collection as I write this review is my Noble Audio Kaiser 10. From the moment I saw them to that first time I put them on and played Rage Against The Machine’s Remastered “Take The Power Back” I was hooked. I’ve had my Kaiser 10s for almost a year now and they still remain my favorite. I’ve had plenty of different CIEMs in the past year but the Kaiser 10 is what I always come back to. Honestly in the beginning I didn’t really think that Noble’s new 10-driver would be anything as I don’t really care much for the “driver war”, but as my friend soullinker20 continuously badgered me to try it, I went ahead and contacted The Wizard...
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You're in for a treat


Pros: Coherent, tonally accurate, expansive, coherent staging

Cons: slight lack of treble sparkle

Disclaimer: I bought this K10 during the Black Friday Deal in December last Friday. This review is written purely out of my desire to share my impressions on the K10. The K10 has fast become one of my favourite earphones. However, due to the price of the K10, as well as the level on which I am expecting it to perform, I am going to be rather harsh on any possible issues the K10 might have. This review is completely subjective though, and do feel free to disagree.   Just a little background on how I came into possession of the K10. Up till the point that I decided to purchase the K10s, the Dita answers were my only high end pair of earphones. However, make no mistake about this, I...
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Best balance between artistic and sonic performance


Pros: Beautiful finish, Balanced yet fun sounding, Good Isolation, Can customize your own or by Wizard.

Cons: Some might find Bass heavy, Not a "Revealing Everything" monitor.

I got this marvelous K10 on last year black friday deal with a 20% off. At that time there are two options comes in my mind.  The 12 drivers JHaudio Roxanne, and the 10 drivers Noble Audio Kaiser10. Since at that time the Roxanne is at pre-order state so K10 is the one that have some reviews to read. After reading Sorensiim's review and his extraordinary set of K10, I just cant leave my eyes off that design.   There are tons of design options of Noble CIEM which is very rare in audio industry.  Most of the company can design the artwork or the material of the faceplate and part of them can choose the color of the shell.  At that moment, there is still limited...
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Simply Outstanding


Pros: Balanced signature that works with many music genres; bass, midrange and treble are all excellent

Cons: No real cons (this is one of the pros), although people should read the review to see if the sound signature matches their own needs.

Synopsis: The Noble Audio Kaiser 10 is at the summit of custom in-ear-monitors representing the flagship of new designs from Dr. John Moulton. The Kaiser 10’s 10 drivers have been brought together seamlessly for superior coherency and a very realistic, natural sound. These drivers give great depth and extension to the Kaiser 10’s balanced tuning. The bass is present and very capable but not boosted or forward, the midrange is clear and very smooth with slight warmth, the vocal range has a gentle lift to bring it to the forefront, and the excellent treble is smoothly bright and non-fatiguing. With no sonic weaknesses, the Kaiser 10 does very well with a wide array of music genres, making...
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The Wizard rises again - And raises the bar!


Pros: Supremely natural sounding, fantastic mids, thunderous but tightly controlled lows, amazing highs

Cons: None. (As long as you can find the money)

Disclaimer: This particular set of Kaiser 10 is a review sample from Noble Audio.   It made some serious waves here at Head-Fi when Dr. Moulton, perhaps better known as “The Wizard”, as well as his entire staff parted ways with MDSP, the parent company of Heir Audio. MDSP announced that they would continue building Heir Audio products and selling them under the Heir name. Dr. Moulton and his staff remained quiet about their plans for the future… But nobody really expected them to just stop making (C)IEMs, did they? It turns out that The Wizard had more tricks up his sleeve. Along with his staff from Heir, he has formed Noble Audio. Noble is an American company, with production...
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