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Review: The Noble Audio 4 Universal IEM

A Review On: Noble 4

Noble 4

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Pros: Great mid range clarity, nice big sound stage, nice prat, nice quick detailed bass

Cons: would have liked to see more extension in the lows, can be sibilant with badly mastered music,



I enjoyed your video review. Good points - nice presentation - great that you were able to do it in one take without edits (putting the case away off-camera when it wouldn't close easily was professional) There was also enough meat to the review - hitting all salient points. I would consider the 4 if I was looking for a mid-centric universal. Cheers.
Do you know if the Noble 4 universal is exactly the same version of the custom Noble 4s?
I like the less extension in the lows - it makes the soundstage open up and feels smoother.
From what I know, yes Noble 4 is supposed to be the universal version of the 4s. Whether it will sound exactly alike remains to be seen. I have the 4s coming my way and it should be here in a few weeks. I'll update the reviews section once i've had a chance to compare the two.
Do you know if this is similar to the new Trident C?
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