Nerb Handcraft FiiO X3 Leather Case Reviews


A nicely handcrafted X3 case.


Pros: Stiched Leather, Durable Build Quality.

Cons: No Reset hole, Some headphone plugs might not fit without an extender.

  Nerb Handcraft FiiO X3 Leather Case Review by TrollDragon       Quite a while ago in the FiiO X3 thread on Head-Fi, there was a post with a very interesting looking leather case for the X3. I wanted to get one of these cases for my player but there were no details of how to acquire it in the thread. With a little reverse Google Image search; I discovered the creator of this case was a company called Nerb Handcraft,  who produces finely handcrafted leather goods in Bangkok, Thailand. This was great–I contacted them on Facebook and inquired about the X3 case. I was informed that is was a custom production run for one of their customers and if they were...
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