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Neko Audio D100 DAC Reviews

The Monkey

The Cat's Miaw


Pros: A warm and inviting DAC that makes listening fun

Cons: Not for those seeking the last degree of detail

DISCLOSURE: I received a loaner D100 as part of the Neko Audio D100 loaner program.  Wes Miaw, the man behind Neko Audio put together the loaner program.  All outgoing shipping was at my expense.  The loan was not contingent upon a positive review.  However, Mr. Miaw did ask if I would post my impressions (good or bad).   The D100 is an unassuming DAC.  A black box with a silver knob input selector in the middle and the ubiquitous blue lights for power and signal lock.  The unit is small and unobtrusive, and while it isn't high fashion, it is well-built and utilitarian.   I'll leave the technical details to others, but it is my understanding that Wes chose to forego some of the...
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Awesome when paired correctly


Pros: Natural Sound, Great Bass.

Cons: Too much bass when paired with wrong equipment

I will start this review by providing some background. I had just purchased a Beyerdynamic T1. I paired with a Bottlehead Crack I loaned off a friend and it sounded amazing except for one thing. There was too much treble energy and it hurt my ears. I tried burning it in and it only improved slightly. The other problem was a clear lack of bass impact. There was some midbass hit but low bass presence and body was severely lacking. I decided that the Beyerdynamic T1 was not for me and sold it.    Shortly after, I read a review on Headfonia that claimed that this Neko DAC (which I had never heard of) was a fantastic natural sounding unit with plenty of low end emphasis. It sounded...
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Neko D100 DAC - a lovely DAC


Pros: Beautiful midrange, punchy bass

Cons: Not the last word in detail

I was lucky enough to have this DAC in my house for 2 weeks through Wes's loaner program.  I do not own the DAC.  I am also not much of a writer so I am going to keep this as short as possible.    My current desktop setup currently consists of a Macbook Pro -> Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC -> Headamp GS-1 -> HD800/JH13/HD650/PS500/Thunderpants.  I have been looking for a smallish desktop DAC to replace the rack sized Electrocompaniet ECD-1 that I have owned for a few years and which I have grown to love.  I was thrilled to get the chance to demo the Neko DAC.  Because of the short amount of time and my desire to see how it fit into my desktop...
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Pros: Natural sound

Hello, I live in Spain and I've tried the Neko D100 DAC recently (E.U. Loaner Program). Excuse me but as it is much easier for me to write in Spanish will comment on some impressions in this language. Lo he utilizado en mi sistema de altavoces y también en el de auriculares formado por preamplificador y power de Jeff Rowland, transporte Electrocompaniet EMC 1 y altavoces Avalon Arcus, todo ello alimentado por un Exactpower EP 15A y SP 15 A conectados a una línea eléctrica dedicada (además de Norodost Quantum y power strip Ryder). El cableado es Cardas Golden Reference y Cardas Clear, todos ellos XLR. Power cords Shunyata Anaconda y Phyton, Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC...
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WOW! Just WOW!


Pros: Soundstage, separation, clarity, bass

Cons: Slightly rolled off highs

WOW! Just WOW! Sonically this DAC sails like a home run ball - hit right out of the park! It actually gives ample bass to my Stax and K702's. The instrument separation and clarity is amazing with a well rounded soundstage. No congestion at all when hit with a huge, complex wall of sound passage. The highs are slightly rolled off, but what's there is as sharp as a ginsu. I'm a mid-fi kind of guy, so if this is the next step up, I am staying here for a long while. I've had it with op amp based devices and their distorted sound. This one is a keeper!

D100 Mk2 Stereo DAC Impressions


Pros: natural sound, instrument separation

Cons: top & bottom end

Thank you to Wes Miaw for loaning his D100 Mk2 Stereo DAC to try.  This alone speaks volumes about Wes and Neko Audio.     I'm really not a reviewer, but I'll try to offer some impressions.  I hope they will help give you a better idea of what the D100 Mk2 has to offer.  I did not attempt to listen critically but rather chose to just enjoy the music.  I lack the expertise to delve into the inner workings and parts chosen.  Others can address that.   My system: Drobo -> macbook/itunes -> D100 Mk2 -> Luxman P1 ->headphones.  The unit I received had XLR outputs and Wes provided XLR to RCA cables which I used.  ...
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