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A Review On: NCredible NErgy In-Ear Headphones by Monster®

NCredible NErgy In-Ear Headphones by Monster®

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Pros: They make noise **one star for noise**

Cons: Distortion, Ridiculous Design, Sticky Ribbon Cord

So I finally broke my go to earbuds, and went searching for a replacement. I was actually so disappointed with these things that I made it a point to get out and put out a review. Bass continuously distorts and breaks up under the slightest push, but I will say they have some decent mids. Unfortunately, thats not exactly what I was expecting. The gina "N" on your chest really isnt needed, or the ability to connect the earbuds together so it turns into a necklace. WTF monster?? For a $60 set of earbuds, who is your intended market??


Previous set was from meeelectronics, and thats who im going back to.


Funny how different people react differently.  I bought a pair of these and liked them so much I went out to buy another!  Bass was good, tight and didn't overwhelm, plenty of sparkle in the highs and good mids. I liked them better than my Sony EX-600 and Martin Logan Mikros 70s.
I agree, the N-Credible line is poo. Had these earbuds, and had the on-ears, promptly returned both, and bought M-Duo by MEElec, followed by the Atlas and haven't looked back. As OP stated, distortion, awful bass, but decent mids. Treble was ok, but nothing special. Guess that's what ya get when you by a product endorsed by a celebrity; Nick Canon......