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NCredible NErgy In-Ear Headphones by Monster®


Pros: They make noise **one star for noise**

Cons: Distortion, Ridiculous Design, Sticky Ribbon Cord

So I finally broke my go to earbuds, and went searching for a replacement. I was actually so disappointed with these things that I made it a point to get out and put out a review. Bass continuously distorts and breaks up under the slightest push, but I will say they have some decent mids. Unfortunately, thats not exactly what I was expecting. The gina "N" on your chest really isnt needed, or the ability to connect the earbuds together so it turns into a necklace. WTF monster?? For a $60 set of earbuds, who is your intended market??


Previous set was from meeelectronics, and thats who im going back to.


Pros: Balanced bass, great treble, magnets

Cons: Ridiculous design, mic button

These headphones are great for anyone shopping on a budget, although they seem to be designed and marketed for the wrong audience. They focus more on the treble range, rather than bass, which may be a turn down for many younger shoppers in the market. 


They offer a sound that is above that of their price point, and the balanced non overpowering bass is a gem not found in many cheaper IEMs. The bass however, is still present, and with the right EQ settings can achieve a "punchy" sound that many seek, if the right seal is found. 


The magnets on the back of the heads adds great convenience, and the tangle free cord is one of the best I have used. These are very comfortable earbuds, which provide a sound above other IEMs of the same price, although for those seeking heavy bass it may not be the best option.

NCredible NErgy In-Ear Headphones by Monster®

N-ERGY are the NCredible in-ear headphones from Nick Cannon that make a sonic statement whether in your ears or around your neck. They kick music to a whole new level, and let you hear it like never before. We cranked up the details, dropped the bass to a low, powerful rumble, and made it all distortion free. When you're not listening, keep your N-ERGY on hand -- or around your neck -- with a snap of the magnetic speakers.

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