Nationite S:Flo2 Reviews

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great sq, very lousy ui, whole host of flaws


Pros: sq from HO is good, sq from LO is awesome

Cons: omg really lousy ui, what battery life?, no physical buttons

  i listen (mainly) to classic rock, alt rock, prog rock, trance/dance, classical i use cheap IEMs, grados, and aux connector to car i am on firmware 2.20   i'll just list pros and cons.   pros: -feels hefty and solid -sq is great. HO and LO lives up to expectations no doubt about it. -has a nifty auto off feature -has an expansion slot -if the mini plugs have no devices connected, it won't start playing the song. pretty cool. -thank god for a reset button -detects as usb mass storage so you can get to copying files straightaway without any software install.     cons: -omg incredibly lousy UI. the two default skins are atrocious. the first one is too...
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