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Nationite S:Flo2

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Pros: Sound Quality, Line-out SQ, Vol Control is quiet and has excellent feel to it. Plays flac, works great without amp. Dual Wolfson DACs sound so smooth.

Cons: UI is worst I have ever used. Scrolling with finger forever, worst navigation in touch screen history, you grow old before you scroll to the album

I feel badly writing a negative review because I am the kind of person who tends to be grateful for the positives, and lets the negatives slide, but...I wish someone had spoken up about what a horrible, terrible job the S:Flo2 guys did on the UI. I am a software designer and programmer and I understand just how difficult it is to work with some interfaces and you have to do the best you can with what you've got, but the final product for the S:Flo should never had gotten out the door. It is NOT ready for prime time.

I would need to write several hundred words to really convey to you just what a really bad interface it is and just how frustrating it is to work with.

Make a mistake while scrolling or selecting a song and you are penalized by being sent back to the menu and having to start from position 1 again in you're quest to scroll down a couple hundred songs, 7 to a screen a time.

Rather than tell you and make you read all of this let me just sum it up as saying the S:Flo2 is the biggest tragedy in PMP history. The sound quality is just fantastic. I love Wolfson DACs and the twin Wolfsons to the Line-out are really the best SQ for the money I have ever heard. Truly fine, quality sound. But although I have tried, over and over to master the scrolling and navigation, it is helpless. It can never be mastered, only endured.

I feel sorry for Raz at He appears to be a really nice guy and he stood behind his offer and delivered all the extras and did his best to get a good product but in the end, it will never be a giant killer with the interface it has.

And when I look on the forums to see if new firmware is out, it has been very quiet there, and no announcements since June or July on firmware updates.

So in the end, it was an inexpensive venture into very good SQ with a very poor interface for me.


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