great sq, very lousy ui, whole host of flaws

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Pros: sq from HO is good, sq from LO is awesome

Cons: omg really lousy ui, what battery life?, no physical buttons


i listen (mainly) to classic rock, alt rock, prog rock, trance/dance, classical

i use cheap IEMs, grados, and aux connector to car

i am on firmware 2.20


i'll just list pros and cons.



-feels hefty and solid

-sq is great. HO and LO lives up to expectations no doubt about it.

-has a nifty auto off feature

-has an expansion slot

-if the mini plugs have no devices connected, it won't start playing the song. pretty cool.

-thank god for a reset button

-detects as usb mass storage so you can get to copying files straightaway without any software install.




-omg incredibly lousy UI. the two default skins are atrocious. the first one is too bright, the second too dark. it lists files by name, type, or date. literally. it seems unable to use the vorbis tags on my flac files. despite asking it to sort by name, it only does that for filenames. not albums. not artists. or maybe i just can't figure it out. but it shouldn't be so darn difficult!

-scrolling sucks. especially if you have super long lists. if your finger rests on the bottom a bit too long, it'll select it. then you have to hit the back button, and whoops, gotta start all over again.

-pressing back once while a song is playing does not set you to the beginning of the song. instead, it jumps you back an entire song. maybe that's normal behavior, but it sure annoys the crap out of me.

-there are no words describing functions of icons in the playing screen. you have to try each icon to figure out what it does. seems like other players do this too, but it still annoys me. what the heck is a gear symbol? ohhhh settings.

-fingerprints. omg fingerprint magnet. then again so are all touchscreens. sigh

-no physical buttons to control playback?! gAHHH! well how bout a hold (lockout) button? no?? well crap, what if my butt decides to switch songs?

-you have to hold down the only button on the thing to turn it on. how long? oh i dont know. at least 5 seconds.

-file transfer is slooooooooow. barely 5MB/s. (i'm on w7x64)

-the accelerometer? wait i dont think it has one. oh nm it does. it's just really stupid. you can only turn it one way otherwise it's just upside down. all pics display full screen vertically and nice big black bars on the left and right if you hold it horizontally. and all movies play horizontally.

-sometimes it doesn't want to quit charging mode and you have to hit the reset button.

-pretty sure vorbis tags on flac don't work

-plays cue files. slick. except it apparently doesn't read the time stamps correctly.

-flac playback is barely 10 hrs on one charge.


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