Nationite S:Flo2 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Nationite's brilliant/cheap DAP


Pros: Dual mono architecture, price, durability

Cons: User interface

The Nationite S:Flo 2 is a media player that is no longer manufactured. It is a larger memory version of Teclast’s T51 player with extra storage (on the 16GB model) and different firmware graphics but the same UI. This player has a rare dual mono architecture which mirrors rack CD players. There are two DACs and two pre-amps, one for each channel. The advantages of this are supposed to be lower noise, less distortion and better separation. However this architecture has not generally been adopted (except for the Astell & Kern AK120) and most Hi-Fi players tend to utilise one DAC. An obvious disadvantage of this method is power consumption. This means the 2500mAh battery will last for...
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Negative Reviews


great sq, very lousy ui, whole host of flaws


Pros: sq from HO is good, sq from LO is awesome

Cons: omg really lousy ui, what battery life?, no physical buttons

  i listen (mainly) to classic rock, alt rock, prog rock, trance/dance, classical i use cheap IEMs, grados, and aux connector to car i am on firmware 2.20   i'll just list pros and cons.   pros: -feels hefty and solid -sq is great. HO and LO lives up to expectations no doubt about it. -has a nifty auto off feature -has an expansion slot -if the mini plugs have no devices connected, it won't start playing the song. pretty cool. -thank god for a reset button -detects as usb mass storage so you can get to copying files straightaway without any software install.     cons: -omg incredibly lousy UI. the two default skins are atrocious. the first one is too...
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Nationite S:Flo2


Pros: Sound Quality, Line-out SQ, Vol Control is quiet and has excellent feel to it. Plays flac, works great without amp. Dual Wolfson DACs sound so smooth.

Cons: UI is worst I have ever used. Scrolling with finger forever, worst navigation in touch screen history, you grow old before you scroll to the album

I feel badly writing a negative review because I am the kind of person who tends to be grateful for the positives, and lets the negatives slide, but...I wish someone had spoken up about what a horrible, terrible job the S:Flo2 guys did on the UI. I am a software designer and programmer and I understand just how difficult it is to work with some interfaces and you have to do the best you can with what you've got, but the final product for the S:Flo should never had gotten out the door. It is NOT ready for prime time. I would need to write several hundred words to really convey to you just what a really bad interface it is and just how frustrating it is to work with. Make a mistake...
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