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NAD Electronics VISO HP50 Noise-Isolating Over-Ear Headphones Reviews


Jack of All Trades, Master of Some


Pros: Versatile, multirole, excellent scalability, warm and smooth sound while still maintaining good dynamics, comfortable,

Cons: Looks good anywhere: on the desk, on the headphone stand, lying around the office, next to your badass dac/amp, on Instagram, except on your head.

I've always dreamed of a simple life, where one headphone, one amp, one DAC, one cable, will suffice. Alas, it's never meant to be. You see, in the Air Force, they have what is known as Multirole Fighter, much like the F-35 Lightning and its variants. Oh, I'm sure the top brass would love to have it simple as well by creating these multirole fighters. They dreamed of a day where there will be only one type of fighter for all kind of missions: dogfighting, striking, bombing, ground supporting, long range interdicting, intercepting, AWACS killer, and it's not just the Americans: Russians have Su-35 and Mig-35, The Swedes have the Gripen, the French have the Rafales. the Chinese have the...
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Outperforms headphones costing hundreds more.


Pros: "Room Feel" is for real. They come across as rather airy for a closed can. An enveloping sound that is very pleasurable.

Cons: Not really a con but these are not for those who prefer heaphones that are artificially "bright". Somewhat funky design.

Don't know what to say that has not already been said. They sound amazing. I'm now a believer in "Room Feel". Hard to explain. It's not like your actually sitting in a room with high end speakers but at the same time the "sound" is very similar to sitting in a room with high end speakers. No harsh treble.....but the highs are still there like they would be if you where sitting in a quality listening room. It's just a very "comfortable" sound........something you could listen to all day without ever feeling fatigued by it.   The usual adjectives - warm, neutral (without lacking anything). Solid bass, mids, highs. They come across as rather airy for a closed can....sort of an...
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An eye-opener...


Pros: Incredible Sound - BANG FOR BUCK - Comfortable - Well built - Looks very nice - Wealthy amount of accessories that is included

Cons: It may make you realize that you have spent too much on your more expensive headphones.

  I have heard a wide array of headphones and IEM's. I find this to be a very fun hobby to fuel my love my music. Generally, there is the mindset that the more you spend, the better it is. Well, that is true to an extent. The reason I'm saying this is because I honestly think the HP50 is one of the best headphones that my ears have had the pleasure of listening to. I've heard the Sennheiser HD 800, HD 650, JH13 Pro, Westone ES5 and a few other top tier headphones or IEM's and though they all sounded draw droppingly amazing; they don't incorporate all of the traits and characteristics that the HP50 possesses.   The Sennheiser HD 800 and HD 650 are both power hungry...
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NAD Viso HP50: A Beaty and a Beast


Pros: Incredibly well balanced, textured sound, great price.

Cons: Looks a little goofy on the head, earpads are a bit stuffy, cable a little thin.

This is my video review of the NAD VISO HP50 with some short notes to follow. Please note that I received this headphone as a loaner unit from NAD!     Build   The VISO HP50 is a well built headphone that is a surprisingly mature design for a first effort from NAD. Since the design is so simple and the materials used are good quality, it feels like a well built premium product. I am not a big fan of the black glossy plastic because it gets fingerprint smudges very easily, and I am not so sure about look of the lettering and branding on the headphone. This is just aesthetic preference though.   On the head the VISO HP50 feels very stable and quite comfortable....
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NAD VISO HP50: Great sound, but nothing else


Pros: Wonderful mids, decent bass and non-fatiguing highs. Sound output from these is hard to fault.

Cons: Awkward looks, small opening in the pads, cheap looking plastic cups, noise from adjustment mechanism

The NAD VISO HP50 could have been a truly outstanding headphone.  They produced a set with great sound, with a marvelous midrange, bass when it is called for in the music and highs that do not sound shrill, glaring or in any way harsh to the ear.  And for a closed back headphone, it has decent sound stage, though I don't think the "Room Sound" technology is superior to that of open back headphones I've tried in the same price range, or even some open backed headphones that are much less expensive.   If anyone has seen the review from the Wirecutter that said these headphones couldn't reproduce sound under 90hz, I can tell you that is a load of horse****.  Going to...
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Great closed headphones for work and travel


Pros: Lightweight, balanced and neutral sound, reasonable isolation, does everything well

Cons: Headband not comfortable for everyone, plasticky build, lightly veiled sound

I've tested these HP50s through both an Audioquest Dragonfly Red and an Aune X1S. Both are more than powerful enough for all of the cans I own, the others being the Sennheiser HD595, Bose QC25, and Philips Fidelio X2.    Tl;dr: The HP50s rate second-best in that collection, but are the pair I choose for work and commuting, because they're closed and lightweight.   In comparison to the HD595s, the HP50 is reasonably similar in regards to the quantity and quality of the trebles and mids. However, HP50s have decent bass, whereas the HD595s are lacking in both the quantity and impact of that bass. I've read that many people think that the HP50s have a reasonable soundstage,...
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Outstanding sound quality, but not so outstanding comfort


Pros: Sound quality

Cons: Comfort

These headphones sound extremely well for the price range, but they might get uncomfortable over time depending on your head/ears. When I use them I feel the pressure coming from the top of the of the pads, and on the bottom they are not properly sealed. My ears also stick out a little bit, so over time I can get an aching pain in my ears because of the headphones pressing on top of them.

Good all-rounder but it's not going to replace both a home headphone and a good IEM


Pros: tonal balance, forgiving,

Cons: more bloat than I expected, sounds closed-in, midbass boost, delicate finish, neither small nor big

I recently tested one on a Chord Hugo and was underwhelmed because I ended up preferring the Amperior next to it with pop music. The Amperior is overall a little worse but it's not night and day. I suspect the HD25ALU might beat it ...   It's quite good but it doesn't have the freedom from bloat some other closed headphones have (like my old hd250's). The bass boost bleeds into the midrange a little. But it doesn't have any treble boost either   I guess it's tuned for portable use but it's not going to replace a home headphone like a HD600 without a pretty big sound quality penalty. It's also quite "clampy" on my big head. And to tell you the truth, the HD25 derivatives are...
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Well balanced headphone well worth 300$


Pros: Great mids, crisp highs, deep lows, very comfortable, well built

Cons: short cable, after 2 or 3 hours

When I first fired these babies off (the song was Bohemian Rhapsody) I couldn't believe it. These cans provide such a clean and open sound its like the artist is in the room with you. The amount of musical easter eggs you will pick up is insane, you can hear the drummer's metronome on Revolution by The Beatles. The highs are nice and crisp, the mids are great, and the lows are nice and clean with a little punch. While the earcups are made with a nice soft memory foam, they will make your ears a little bit uncomfortable after a long time of listening, i'm sure they will be more comfortable after I get used to them, but its still irritating. Both of the cables they provide you with are very...
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Shockingly Great and Dead Neutral


Pros: Price, soundstage, efficiency

Cons: headband, earpads

I've completed my review on this headphone and it is currently waiting to go live elsewhere first.  After a few days, it will be posted here.  This headphone is a real winner.  I am truly amazed by it.  This could be one of the best mid fi headphones ever made...
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