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Easy to use, cheap (55$) and a substantial improvement over a 10$ usb converte

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Musiland Monitor 01 US

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(from a discussion thread). 
UPDATE on the Musiland 01 USD (2012 edition)

I just got the usb converter that I settled on and as promised, here are my impressions:

Setup was easy. I just installed the driver that came along with it and after waiting 10sec upon plugging it in it automaticly takes priority as primary sound driver in WIN7. 

I also had to change my output setting in winamp. The only downside so far is that other sound sources (such as youtube) sometimes start without sound (and then I have to wait 10sec), It's as if the first time you use it for a new source, you have to wait for 10sec (the browser being a source). Maybe this can be fixed with settings.

Overall: Easy to use. My old (crappy) USB converter made my DAC lock on and of all the time, but this on stays locked without any effort on my behalf. And yes, 32bit is automaticly selected - no problem. I played 24bit flac and also no problem.

Sound quality

It is a VERY dramatic increase in SQ over my old (10$) USB converter. It is similar to upgrading a DAC I would say. Perhaps it's not quite as big an upgrade as going from Dacmagic-> Benchmark DAC1 with crap usb converter, but it's up there (I don't quite remember acutally, so I couldn't be sure).

I'd describe the upgrade as: Cleaner sound, voices sound much more real, more detail. I didn't notice a change in sound signature - only less distorition.

I can't compare it to any decent usb converter, but it still gets my recommendation for being cheap, easy to use (with an otherwise troubling source), and for being a SUBSTANTIAL improvement over a 10$ usb converter for only 55$. 

1 Comment:

I have the 01 US purchased in 2009 and I don't have that wait problem. Win 7 x64 using driver version 2.4.1
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