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Musical Fidelity V-PSU II

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Musical Fidelity V-PSU II

The V-PSU II is a high performance, fully regulated external upgrade power supply for the V-Series products. One V-PSU II will power up to three V-Series components for increased performance. This new Mark II model improves upon the original with more sophiticated circuitry and machined, brushed aluminum housing. Inside the V-PSU II's sleek, compact housing lies a sophisticated DC power supply. The ultra-compact, high mu-core transformer is very effective at screening static or low-frequency magnetic fields, which keeps things cleaner. Its three DC power outputs are derived from completely separate power supplies, each with its own dedicated transformer winding, so crosstalk between them is virtually zero. The entire supply system is tuned for optimally-matched output impedance and power supply current capacity. In short, there are great benefits in using the V-PSU II to power well-executed circuits such as those in the other V-Series components: better overall focus and resolution, better overall weight and dynamics, and more clarity at the frequency extremes. V-Series: Affordable high performance The V-Series, Musical Fidelity's ultra-value performance line, offers unbeatable value for the money. It achieves this by putting the majority of its budget towards the functional electronics rather than the non-functional parts such as metal work, front panels and packaging. The result of this careful engineering is that each V-Series component has no-compromise circuitry housed in a nicely finished yet modest package.

BrandMusical Fidelity
FeaturePowers up to three V-Series units Sophisticated DC power supplies Separate power supply for each of the three outputs reduces crosstalk to practically zero Upgrades performance of all connected components
LabelMusical Fidelity
ManufacturerMusical Fidelity
PublisherMusical Fidelity
StudioMusical Fidelity
TitleMusical Fidelity V-PSU II
Package Height2.5 inches
Package Length10.4 inches
Package Weight1.6 pounds
Package Width8.7 inches
ProductGroupReceiver or Amplifier
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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