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A Review On: Musical Fidelity - V-CAN MKII - Headphone Amplifier

Musical Fidelity - V-CAN MKII - Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: Cheap, clean sound, basic design/user friendly


I don't know what kind of headphones they designed these for, but for my 300ohm Sennheiser HD-540 and AKG k701 I only turn up about 25%. If you wanted to use a splitter this should be able to power 3-4 pairs of nice headphones, which would be good if you wanted the band to hear during production and recording; however, I have not tested it for use of monitoring with many headphones.That said, they are nice and I can keep them low enough that I don't blow my ears out. I think it looks and feels very high quality and professional, as you'd expect from Musical Fidelity. I don't think it would be great for playing different albums off your mp3 type players in shuffle, as you might be changing the volume control very often with differently mixed albums. To play a single player or your special CD from Japan that you payed $80- for, it is very good and you will never have to worry about it not being loud enough, ever. For me, it's not hard to find the sweet spot of perfect volume when I'm listening to my SACD collection with the V-can hooked up to a Denon SACD player. This is an instant improvement from going out of almost of any stock stereo device with their stock headphone jack. You hear what you want without cranking up your stereo receiver, how nice is that? Maybe if I had weaker headphones I wouldn't need this, but I have 3 pairs that starve with in my receiver. I turn the volume on my stereo to 75% for average listening on headphones and I could handle 100% on some albums. So, if you've been through the stereo and want to go big, this is good clean sound for a great price. As far as I can see, this thing will grow with me, because as I go deaf from it, I will only need to turn it up a little to hear again (joke.) Note: since it is so loud, I tried hooking it straight up to a record player without a phono pre-amp. But it didn't get loud enough for what I like even all the way up. atsmile.gif

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I am using V-CAN, which is a previous version of V-CAN II.  The issue with the loudness, using attenuators would help.  I use Rockwell attenuators between my DAC and V-CAN.  They reduced 10 dBs, along with any hums.  Usually the volume of V-CAN is between 9 and 12.