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A Review On: Musical Fidelity V-CAN Headphone Amplifier

Musical Fidelity V-CAN Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: Loud, nice quality even for $199

Cons: could have been a little less powerful

You hear what you want without cranking up your stereo receiver, how nice is that? Maybe if I had weaker headphones I wouldn't need this, but I have 3 pairs that starve with in my receiver. I turn the volume on my stereo to 75% for average listening on headphones and I could handle 100% on some albums. So, if you've been through the stereo and want to go big, this is good clean sound for a great price. I only seem to use about 25% volume with the v-amp. As far as I can see, this thing will grow with me, because as I go deaf from it, I will only need to turn it up a little to hear again (joke.) Note: since it is so loud, I tried hooking it straight up to a record player without a phono pre-amp. But it didn't get loud enough for what I like even all the way up. atsmile.gif BTW, this is not a portable amp and needs to be plugged in.

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I've found that well... most amps will give you LOUD sound. Although I like quiet music I've NEVER maxed out ANY of my amps... but ofc I only have 250 ohm dt 880s. Not the hardest to drive...still... I've never had volume issues but ofc it's good to hear if I do that amp should solve the problem!