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Mad Dog by Mr Speakers (T50RP mod) with Dog Pads

A Review On: MrSpeakers Mad Dog (T50RP Mod)

MrSpeakers Mad Dog (T50RP Mod)

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Pros: Special mids, good depth, very comfortable

Cons: Not for bass heads, soft clamping force, tricky to get a fitting jack for recabling

This review will only talk about comparison between the MD with Dog Pads and the previous MD (with Shure SRH-840 pads).

I found each version has their own unique sonic characters. So it's more to your preference. But it took me 3 hours of sitting down and thinking hard, before I finally made the purchase of the Dog Pads version. Here's why...

The 840 version has a more forward and brighter sonic, thus making the midrange (especially for vocals) very special. However it fell short in the bass section. There is bass, but just adequate in amount, which to the broader audience translates into lacking bass or thin. The Dog Pads version has an improved bass response. I noticed improvements in bass body and punch. However the overall sonic is darker than the 840 version. An inevitable trade off, I presume.

The midrange is still special in a darker way. The depth is very good, instrument placement is clearly noticable. Layering is also good, I didn't notice any sound bleed to another. Comfort with the Dog Pads is better than 840 pads for a long listening session. Isolation is great and leak is also minimal. However, it is still not a bass head headphones. The Mad Dog is also not a forgiving headphone, so mind your music's recording quality.

The Mad Dog with Dog Pads will still benefit from amping. For me, I prefer a warm sounding solid state amp paired with a smooth analog sounding DAC. It did not perform as well on tube amps (tried on Crack and Pan Am).

That's all, folks! smily_headphones1.gif


I returned mine for the he400's. but if I needed a closed can these are the next best thing.
Nice write down of the differences between the earpads.
These are the best closed cans I've yet to hear.
@ RushNerd: Eventually it's our preference of sound that counts. :)

@ BleaK: Thank you, and I hope others can also benefit from this comparison.
@RushNerd I did the same thing, but 2 months ago I went back and bought the mad dogs because they sound so great for closed cans! :D
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