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MrSpeakers Mad Dog (T50RP Mod) Reviews


My Favorite Headphone so Far!


Pros: Sound Quality, Build Quality, Price, Comfort, Detachable Cable

Cons: Requires good sounding equipment, brass sliders

This Review is based on the Mad Dog 3.2 w/ Alpha Pads.   Sound:  Probably one of the best things about these headphones is the sound. I absolutely love this sound signature, and I must say I would have a really hard time switching back to a dynamic driver headphone. I may be stuck in the planar magnetic headphone world for ever. I love how quick these headphones deliver sound and it restrains it from producing over pronounced sounds. For instance while the bass quantity is far from a bass head phone (which is good for me) the quality of bass far exceeds pretty much any headphone I have ever heard (though I do have a limited experience). The bass produces a quick snap,...
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A very surprising headphone


Pros: Great soundstage for a closed headphone, planar magnetic drivers

Cons: Size, weight

Hello Head-fi!   For my first review I'm taking a look at the Mad Dogs from Mr. Speakers. In a word, surprising.   First of all, I made a video review of these headphones, if you're interested then feel free to check it out below: (I'm still new to this, sorry if I used the wrong terms or something like that.)   As a quick summary: The Mad Dogs are constructed very well, and have a premium feel with the leather Alpha pads and comfort strap They are somewhat heavy, a little bit more than I could use for extended periods of time (I work standing up). They are, however, very comfortable. They have a dark(er) sound, but great soundstage for a closed-back...
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Excellent Performance on a Budget


Pros: Midrange, Comfort, Depth of Stage

Cons: Stereo Imaging Width, Separation Qualities

Copied from my original review on Headfonics.  If you would be kind enough to post a comment after reading my review, I would greatly appreciate it.        Every once and a while, the Audiophile universe manifests something that is truly worthy of praise in the highest regard. Something to be revered and able to strike with sufficient power far beyond it’s own weight class. I believe that the Mad Dog by Mr.Speakers happens to be one of those rare gems. I don’t want to bore you with information in the beginning of this review, so I will start off with the Conclusion first. You can read the details afterward. That is just how I roll…#likeaboss    ...
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Mad Dog with Alpha pads - they do it all.


Pros: Bass, Mid, Treble, Soundstage, Detail, Comfort, Build Quality, PRaT

Cons: Heavy

I've searched for a long time now for a pair of phones that do it all. These do. They have tank-like build with little complexity, and the sound is amazing. Big soundstage with accurate placement.   For acoustic tracks, this headphone absolutely nails it. Like being there. The electronic tracks sound amazing as well - tight, controlled bass, rich mids, and detailed highs WITHOUT sibilance, something  to which I'm very sensitive. The Beatles sound rich and full, and I can hear every breath and sniff.   I can't find a thing wrong with them. Take the comfort of the K550s, the detail of Beyerdynamic DT1350s, the musicality of Momentums, and the fun factor of Grados....
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Pretty great


Pros: Sound, comfort, isolation

Cons: Cable is easy to break when removing

This review has been removed because it's very outdated. Mad Dogs have seen a lot of work since this!

Fun, warm and organic sounding planar magnetic headphones


Pros: Organic mids, accurate and audible bass, good isolation, quite detailed yet warm sound signature

Cons: Very heavy, brass sliders are not practical

I love the warm and smooth sound signature of these phones. The upper region is also well-refined, but not emphasized in any way. These sound very smooth and relaxed, but not too laid-back. They can be quite energetic when the song demands it, and because of the smooth characteristic of the sound, these cause no fatigue over long listening sessions. Though they can cause physical pain to the neck, because they are very heavy.Otherwise these phones are very comfortable. The sound is quite balanced, but leans on the warm side of the spectrum. As with all planar magnetic headphones, the bass is thick and very audible. It doesn't overshadow anything or sound muddy. It sounds very natural...
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Mad Dog by Mr Speakers (T50RP mod) with Dog Pads


Pros: Special mids, good depth, very comfortable

Cons: Not for bass heads, soft clamping force, tricky to get a fitting jack for recabling

This review will only talk about comparison between the MD with Dog Pads and the previous MD (with Shure SRH-840 pads). I found each version has their own unique sonic characters. So it's more to your preference. But it took me 3 hours of sitting down and thinking hard, before I finally made the purchase of the Dog Pads version. Here's why... The 840 version has a more forward and brighter sonic, thus making the midrange (especially for vocals) very special. However it fell short in the bass section. There is bass, but just adequate in amount, which to the broader audience translates into lacking bass or thin. The Dog Pads version has an improved bass response. I noticed improvements in...
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