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Alpha Dog vs Denon D5000 (markl)

A Review On: MrSpeakers Alpha Dog (T50RP Mod)

MrSpeakers Alpha Dog (T50RP Mod)

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Audio Quality
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Pros: great isolation, good mids, good comfort, more neutral than Denon/Fostex, great looks and design!

Cons: somewhat congested soundstage, instrument separation can be a bit fuzzy, not enough detail and transparency

Comparison rig:

Audio-GD NFB-28 via USB input, 0dB gain, balanced mode. Playing lossless music (with some high resolution tracks) on Windows 7 x64 and Foobar WASAPI.

Sound Quality:

- Soundstage of D5000 is noticably greater than Alpha Dog. Instrument separation is more clear on D5000s. ADs sound more closed than Denons (ADs have a greater effect on sound coming from inside your head). The AD soundstage is a bit congested and "fuzzy" with some tracks like piano solos. The soundstage of ADs improves very nicely with TB Isone. Great enhancement for those who play music on PC/Mac.

- ADs are definely more neutral than Denons, somewhat darker too, but not HD650 dark.

- ADs are less sibilant than D5000 (relatively speaking) and more forgiving to bad recordings with harsh highs. This works great for rock music.

- ADs have nice and smooth mids, instruments have "weight" in them, especially guitars (acoustic and electric). Better than Denon here.

- The bass of markl modded D5000 is more emphasized than default Alpha Dog. I found AD's bass just fine and did not mess with the screw adjustment. The fact that its possible to do that is amazing, wish more headphones would have these sort of built-in adjustments.

- ADs have less detail than D5000s

- ADs are less transparent than D5000s


I find the Denons more comfortable than ADs, but the difference is small. Both are very good. Neither are like the Audeze bricks. Denon seem to fit better for those of us with big heads smily_headphones1.gif. AD's leather pads are smoother and more luxurious to touch than the Angle pads I have on my Denons. AD's cable is quite microphonic.


Overall, I preferred the Denons. IMHO, the main reason to get Alpha Dogs is for their great isolation, and better neutrality than Denon/Fostex equivalents.

Rating: A solid 7/10.

Some of the music used for comparison:
Sergei Rachmaninov - A Window In Time (TELARC)
The Body Acoustic - Bronxville (Chesky)
Antonio Forcione - Live! (Naim)
Giuliano Carmignola - Vivaldi - Le Quattro Stagioni
Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out (vinyl rip)
Enigma - Seven Lives Many Faces
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (HDTracks)
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - stereo (HDTracks)


Thanks, was considering Alpha's but will stick to my D5000's.
I've owned D5000's, auditioned Alpha Dogs and I'd agree with preferring the Denon's.  Love the Alpha's but just love the Denon sound signature more. 
Nothing compares the the 5k's it seems.
Whoa! How much more if it's LA5000, this fight could be a massacre 😄 Both (former) Alpha Dog and D50000 here, now going back to my first love..with a twist!
Wow, you think the Alpha Dogs' soundstage sounds "congested?"  Personally I find it to be amazing for closed-back headphones, it actually manages to come fairly close to a lot of open-backs I've heard in that regard. . . .
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