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Brainwavz M2

A Review On: MP4Nation Brainwavz M2

MP4Nation Brainwavz M2

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Pros: Nice build, excellent included tips, great sound

Cons: small selection of tips, included case is a bit fiddly to get the headphones into

I've had the Brainwavz M2 for a few days now, I haven't stopped listening to them, for me the sound is very pleasing before I ordered I worried that they might not suit me, but after many hours of listening I decided that they suit me very well and I like the sound they produce.


Before I carry on my main music genres are; heavy metal, indie/electro pop, punk, trance, house


The bass on these headphones is great, I like the amount of bass there is, there isn't LOTS of bass but i'd say the bass that is there is prominent and of good quality, it can extend quite low, lower than the SoundMagic PL21, in my opinion.


The midrage is very smooth, there's not much to say about the midrange it works very well, isn't hidden or too pronounced just right.


The highs are good, i'd say they're definately more prominent than my SoundMagic PL21; the PL21 has a very dark tone and the highs aren't that clear incomparison to the M2 which leave me with enough and they please me well..


Included Accessories:  pretty barebone, 3 sets of tips, small medium large the tips seem to be of good quality, they fit really well for me and i can wear them for a long amount of time without them annoying me, the case thats included has a logo on top of it, this is just stuck on and it has already partially come off for me, so if the case is a reason you're buying this, don't bother as it's not the best I dont think, it doesn't affect the sound ofcourse.


These so far are my favorite IEMs and I like them alot, i'll probably get the upgrade bug when I find more money though, there's always something else round the corner.



(sources are a PC and a HTC Wildfire, most music 320k mp3 or some VBR, all sources we're adequate for me, I also listened with my Clip+ some, the sound was great and using the rockbox bass increase a few decibels made the bass much more prominent without any noticeable distortion maybe a plus if you're looking for more bass)


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