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Moshi Audio Vortex

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hi pinoyman,

can't agree more with your reviews on the vortex. just bought mine after testing a couple of iems at a local store (including using Audio-Technica's ATH-M50 as a bench mark) and am really happy with my purchase. I am surprised at the poor reviews on amazon.

The vortex is really worth every single cent paid for (considering its relatively low price).


For the rest of the guys reading this:


really like the lows here..if you like heavy bass, you should really consider this. the moonrock is a little more muddy in comparison to the vortex for my liking. while the vortex pro, in comparison, has a more defined highs, but rolled off lows. (if moshi can provide the freq graphs would be great).


Low Mids:

The low mids sounded pretty good as well.. not too much to make it sound muffled on overall sound.


High Mids:

good in this range too. you can hear the details especially for acoustic guitar sounds, but not too much till the vocals sound like mickey mouse.



not as defined as i would like.. but "hi-fi" enough for me.




note: be warned on the foam earbuds- they tend to come off easily from the stem that holds onto the earphones. this happened to me too. read from another review page that it appears Moshi is aware about it and am ready to replace it with new/updated earbuds. i had to go back to the vendor for replacement; only to be told that they will contact the local supplier that will in turn contact Moshi. the vendor temporarily replaced mine with 'new' ones (same make that came with the earphones). was really glad that they acknowledged that it was a manufacturer's fault.


latest update: wrote to moshi about the foam tips about 2 weeks ago and just received the new foam tips. they seem to have made them easier to take off from the ear-piece but added a stronger/more glue to keep the foam attached to the holder stem. Anyway, just glad that they responded by giving me new ones. btw: they also gave an additional pair of silicone eartips.


its good that you are enjoying them.
after having my vortex, i got miles davis tributes, and the sound is not far from it by performance.
this is still the best iem in terms of accessories. :)
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