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Moshi Audio Vortex Fairytale

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MOSHI Vortex

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Pros: Design, bass, size, fit, sense of steel, potentials...

Cons: Durability, durability, durability. Oh, and cable and mic.

The thing is that I love Vortex, I do! I am a big fan and this is the reason that I got them 3 times in a year!

No, I am not using a different pair for each music-player-device but they got damaged extremely easy, you don't have to do anything than use them! I have to admit that the customer service was OK when I contacted them about the first pair. I had to send back (Taipei) the box with the faulty earphones in order to send me a new one. After a month I received the package and then...what I saw was painful! The steel part of the earphones was oxidized to death. It was like they have been exposed to radioactive moisture. Anyway, I used them for two months and guess what! They stopped working as well, YEAH! I went through the same procedure again (I didn't have to wait for a month but only a week) and what I received was extremely awkward. I received a brand new display cleaning cloth in a proper box and a pair of Vortex squashed in the the package wrapped with a piece of plastic in really bad condition. You could cry at the view of the cable (which is sensitive anyway). No box, no case, no papers, no earbuds! I have contacted customer service again but....nothing yet.

So, it seems that Moshi has done a major step towards quality-commercial sound but they need to understand that design doesn't give you function and essential quality. Due to my occupation, I know that these earphones want to be perfect but they can't. The way they have built them is annoying. You can't just put a piece of the thinnest fabricated-cable -kind of- inserted in a piece of metal. It won't last, it's obvious. Other manufacturers have done similar mistakes just to make their products consumable and replaceable! Maybe they should see what Shure had done with SE series.

So, I would say go for it, spend $80-$90 to get Vortex and you will be amazed by their performance! They can support almost every kind of music, except opera, I 'd say. They are little devils and they fit quite well. I even tried to run with them and they were right there! The bass is deadly even though you know is not real. I like the fact that the annoying 1KZ is quite discreet and highs always come when you need them. For this price...hmmm...there are not many high quality in-earphones so...why not?

Beware though, my experience may not be unique, who knows?


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